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So, I made it through my aerial silk performance this weekend. Holy jeeze did I get nervous. I’m not even sure why, but before I performed, I could feel that warm rush of anticipation over the back of my neck. It’s odd how an audience can do that to you.

My nerves made me rush through things a bit faster than I would have liked, but overall it went pretty well. Not bad for a first performance. I think I promised a video to you all, and there is one, but I need a moment to get over how embarrassing parts of it are. In the mean time, I’ll just share the snap shots my mom took.

The rest of our weekend was relaxing and refreshing. Besides the performance, and Shawn getting new glasses, we didn’t have a ton of plans, which is rare. It was nice to wake up Saturday morning not worrying about a list of things that had to get done or places we had to be. I am realizing that I need to balance my time better as I tend to overfill free time with projects.

In the past week we’ve also watched a ton of home videos from Shawn’s childhood and a few of my own. It definitely inspired us to make an effort to record more home movies. While we often record events or film projects, it’s unusual that we just record ourselves. It’s really nice to be able to look back, years down the line, and see what things were like in a particular fragment of time. Even if they’re really really really embarrassing. Which they usually are.


Triple Trapeze Group Performance from Sarah Muehlbauer on Vimeo.

I have so many things to blog about and haven’t had a second to sit down at a computer and write them. This weekend was full of summer fun including the LA Vegan Beer Fest and cool movie screenings. I’ll have some recaps to share up here on the blog this week.

I had a really rewarding aerial class on Sunday as I completed all the tricks I’ve learned thus far successfully. I’ve been struggling with a few basic moves on aerial silk that I’ve been able to do, but not gracefully. This week I was able to pull them off with ease. It feels awesome to know that I’m improving.

We’re half way through the summer session which means I’m half way there to the little performance we’ll be doing. I’m excited to put together an act, but haven’t yet decided whether I’ll be doing aerial silk or single trapeze.

The video above is from a friend’s triple trapeze performance that I’m loving right now (and hopefully she won’t mind that I’ve linked to here). The choreography is so fluid and I am really into how each trick turns into the next thing without pausing. There is always something to catch your eye. I will try to keep this style in mind when I’m putting together my own little demo.

p.s. if you’re viewing this in a reader, make sure to jump out and watch the video.

circus girl

circus time
So here is something you may not know about me…I used to be in a circus.

It’s sort of hard to explain. I spent most of my childhood summers at a camp that, amongst other crazy activities, had a circus. The kids would rehearse every day and then perform every few weeks.

When I first started, at 10, I was part of the simpler performances: globe (walking on a giant ball), trick bike, double dutch jump rope. Every time I auditioned, my dream was always to be in the aerial acts. I wanted to be on of the performers who would hang from ropes and fly on trapezes just like in Cirque du Soleil.

Once I finally made it, I did everything, from single trapeze, to rope, to cloud swing, to flying trapeze. I was fearless and I loved it. I hung upside down, tied knots around myself and swung from the rafters.

At the end of every summer I would go home wishing I could continue. I tried to convince my mom that we should hang a trapeze in our back yard. Circus fun was always relegated to the summertime. And over time my circus dreams faded. Until now… (more…)