bed and breakfast

Do you every imagine the most ideal life? One that is perhaps, not even in the realm of practical dreams, but instead pure fantasy? Did you ever imagine that you would stumble upon this dream in reality?

I found this place at a bed & breakfast in New Zealand called Awatea Lodge. We stayed here for just a night and I completely fell in love with the place. It was peaceful and yet filled with life. And a few darling alpacas.

little alpaca and a brown one
We were hosted by the lovely Joan and Brent who shared their beautiful home with us.

They grew various organic fruits on the property which they kindly shared with us, even giving us a bag to take with us on the road.

The porch was covered in grapes which filled the air with their sweet fragrance.

We spent an evening just sitting on the porch, with this sweet cat, enjoying wine and each other’s company.

shawn at the farm
I could easily imagine us just passing endless time in such a serene place.

pretty girl
One of the lady alpacas. She was quite tolerant of us taking her photo. She hummed at us a bit, but was also quite curious.