Fall is my favorite season, and as it rapidly approaches, my excitement grows exponentially. Before summer departs for good, I’m trying to hold on to some of the good times, the quintessential summer times.

My friend Shiri’s wedding was the embodiment of summer celebrations. I grew up going to summer camp far away in the woods. The friends I made there are still my nearest and dearest, no matter how long passes between us seeing each other. I am the lone west coaster, so for me, these times are few and far between. This wedding was like summer camp revisited (except with booze and of course Shawn).




Agatha, Robin, Shiri and I have known each other since we were eleven or twelve. We spent our tumultuous teenage years as each others confidantes. We went through all the requisite phases together, goth, raver, any other embarrassing style you can come up with. It’s easy to let my guard down around these girls, and when we’re together many silly antics ensue.


Shiri asked Robin and I to fire twirl and we of course obliged. It has been a long time since I’ve done it, and there were definitely more nerves than in the past. How come age makes me more anxious, more reserved? Luckily, we didn’t light ourselves on fire and the guests seemed to be entertained. Mostly I think Shiri, as a fire twirler herself, enjoyed it the most.





Mostly though, the wedding was beautiful and filled with joy. It was such a treat to come together and celebrate Shiri and Chris. I only wish I could have spent more time with everyone.

New England Vegan


A few weeks ago we visited New England for a dear friend’s wedding (have I mentioned this already? I think perhaps I have). It was so nice to be out in the country and around trees and quiet. Mostly it was nice to spend time celebrating with old friends. We were able to drive around in the days following and explore a few states I’d never been to. I wasn’t too sure what the vegan choices would be like in more secluded areas, but we managed to find some great restaurants all over. Here’s a little round up of where we went:

new england 358



First, we found the lovely Riverbend Cafe, conveniently located across the street from the motel we stayed at in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. We were surprised to find a spot with vegan french toast, not to mention bagels and tofu cream cheese. I had some super tasty oatmeal with peaches and brown sugar. The setting here was idyllic and the food was great. Plus we got to spend the morning catching up with Agatha which made the whole thing extra awesome.


Randomly, we stumbled upon a farmers market where there happened to be some goats hanging out. I love goats!


As our travels continued, Shawn once again proved he is the vegan pizza finding master. I had us routed to a spot in Northampton, Massachusetts which ended up being closed. He tracked down Pizzeria Paradiso which not only had vegan pizza, they used Follow Your Heart, which made me extra happy.


In Keene, New Hampshire we stopped in at Country Life, a Seventh Day Adventist buffet spot. Even though it was sort of vegan 1.0, it was really good, and felt really fulfilling. They also had a cute little market.


new england 288

Concord, New Hampshire had some great vegan spots. First we stopped in at Hermanos Cocina Mexicana which, while not a vegan restaurant, had some superb vegan options. They had some spicy seitan for their burritos, plus all the fun stuff like soy sour cream and vegan cheese. I had some truly amazing enchiladas.

new england 303

new england 299

Also in Concord was Cafe Indigo. We stopped here for a great lunch and picked up a ton of sweets. A giant box of cookies, blondies and more for about $10. It was awesome. I had a wonderful ToFishy sandwich and Shawn had their infamous Rachael, a vegan reuben, both of which we loved.


Our last stop was in Boston. We ran into the Clover food truck and picked up some chickpea fritters and a soy BLT. It was a pretty good snack for a hot afternoon in the park.

new england 197

Last but not least, we hit up a double whammy of vegan pizza and ice cream. First, Piece o’ Pie served us a fantastic margarita pizza with tofu ricotta, which kept me fed for our entire flight home. I think if we could have stayed longer, Shawn would have tried all the pizzas here.

new england 357


Right next door was FoMu, a decadent vegan ice cream shop. It took forever for me to choose a flavor (I went with espresso) while Shawn went all out with a sundae. They had some really neat flavors and I wish I could have tried more.

Okay so there were a few more spots along the way, but this post is too long already! And yet there were still places we missed. I guess we’ll just have to go back.