non-dairy milk

Okay, let’s talk about non-dairy milk. I never liked milk. I wonder what it would be like to really want to drink milk. Actually, I don’t. I do like coffee though (I’ll revisit this subject later) and I generally prefer my coffee with some sort of milk substitute. For the longest time I relied on soy milk because it was the most commonly available option. The truth is, I really like soy milk. I still wouldn’t really want to drink a glass straight, but the thought doesn’t gross me out either. In the past year I’ve added a lot of almond milk and on occasion rice milk into the mix. I’m not as big a fan of the rice milk as it is not quite thick enough and a little too sweet. Almond milk, on the other hand, is great and makes some intense latte foam.

On a recent visit to Vinh Loi Tofu, I thought I’d get some of their freshly made soy milk, just to try. I figured, before I mixed it in with my coffee or cooked something with it, I should probably taste it, just in case. Do you know what fresh soy milk tastes like? It tastes like soybeans. Like raw tofu, except sweeter. This might sound kind of gross, but it’s not. It’s actually pretty refreshing. It was definitely a change from the standard vanilla soy milkĀ  that I usually get. I think it would be extra good for a shake or something, to give it a little bit extra flavor. More than that, I love that it is fresh and only has three ingredients…water, soybeans and sugar. There was also a non-sugar version and a crazy green one that I’m not really sure what it was (if anyone could enlighten me I would be grateful). It made me want to try and make some of my own soy milk, or tofu even!

What kind of non-dairy milk do you like?