SLC Vegan Food

After all my adventures at AltSummit, Shawn and I were finally able to visit some of the vegan restaurants in Salt Lake City. First, we headed over to Sage’s Cafe for their weekend brunch. I was beckoned by the pesto crepe, filled with warm seasoned vegetables. I was craving something hearty after grazing on salads and snacks in my hotel room the previous days. (Note to Alt: us vegans could use a few more options.) The restaurant had a really nice atmosphere, with a sunlit, enclosed patio and local artwork. They also made a fantastic almond milk cappuccino.

Even more exciting was fulfilling a not so healthy craving with this vanilla shake and tender tigers from Vertical Diner. Vertical is owned by the same people as Sage’s but obviously with a diner style menu. Let me tell you, this shake was so satisfying. Unadulterated vanilla goodness. Paired with the fried seitan of the tender tigers, I was in heaven.

They were so good. Shawn also ordered a portobello quesadilla which was fantastic. All of their seitan is handmade and they also make their own nutritional yeast cheese. Big fan, right here.

We enjoyed it so much we stopped for breakfast on our way out of town. I got the breakfast sandwich. Also amazing. Soft french bread, cheesy sauce, spiced veggie sausage and some tofu scramble. Yum.

I can never say no to biscuits and gravy.

Our last moment in Salt Lake City before the snowy drive home. I don’t think Shawn was particularly happy about me standing in the middle of the street to take this photo.

There were so many other places we didn’t get to try on our short visit. I heard there are two vegan bakeries in SLC. I’d love to go back and explore more.

Goodbye AltSummit

At the moment Shawn and I are driving down the I-15 South heading back to Los Angeles. (Don’t worry, I’m not driving.) Nearly this whole drive I’ve been thinking about what I would say about my experience at AltSummit. It would be easy to simply say it was life changing but the fact is that it was a big part of changes that have been in motion for quite some time now. It wasn’t so much that it gave me a new path but instead it gave my path a direction.

I’ve had this blog for a long time now and it’s been many things: a place for recipes, a place for wedding planning, a place to share photos and a place to connect with people out there in the world. It’s never had a specific thing it’s supposed to be, it just is whatever I want it to be at the time, which is fine. I’ve love this blog and it’s so important to me and all the things I learned at AltSummit really clarified for me what I want this space to be.

I’m not going to tell you all my plans all at once, but I will share that Cute and Delicious will be very much the same, just with more awesome. A new look is even on the way.

Besides all the thoughtful talks I heard and things I learned, by far the best part was meeting so many amazing, warm, eager, open-hearted and inspiring women. It’s one thing to connect with people through the web but being able to meet people in person to solidify relationships and make new friends in real life really just meant more to me than I can say. Everyone’s enthusiasm sparked something inside me and filled me with such happiness.

I’ll share a little more in detail what I learned this week. Then I need to get to the other half of our amazing weekend: Sundance! Fun things. For now, here are a few photos from Alt!