Breakfast Feast

sweet crepe

A quick announcement that Kim and I will be hosting another A Moveable Feast on Saturday September 17th. I’m particularly excited that the theme this time around will be French inspired breakfast for dinner. So many of my favorite dishes are breakfast treats.

If you’re interested in reserving a seat (and there are only a few left) email

secret supper

a moveable feast

This past Sunday Kim and I held our third A Moveable Feast secret supper. This time, we had amazingly gracious hosts who shared their home with us. We had a Spanish feast and dined al fresco. It was a lovely evening. Here is just a peek at a few pieces of our menu.

a moveable feast

We started with some sangria.

a moveable feast

There was an ajoblanco soup; a subtly seasoned almond soup garnished with grapes and olive oil. I thought it looked like modern art.

a moveable feast

We served a variety of tapas including cashew rosemary stuffed dates.

a moveable feast

These patatas bravas had the most wonderfully addictive sauce.

a moveable feast

These artichoke rice cakes were a big hit.

a moveable feast

The main course was an artichoke paella with homemade seitan.

a moveable feast

Then of course, my favorite, for dessert we had flan.

It was such a rewarding night as all our guests loved the food and thoroughly enjoyed each others company. It is such a pleasure making such extravagant meals for people who truly appreciate them. There’s no denying it is a lot of hard work to put everything together but it is so worth the feeling when we’ve finished and are finally allowed to take in all we’ve accomplished.

If you’re interested in coming to one of our dinners (or hosting), you can email Kim and I at or follow us on twitter at MoveableFeastLA.

full of life

this is a soup

It’s times like this weekend when I feel as is my plate is completely full. It’s been a busy week on all fronts. Kim and I held the second dinner for A Moveable Feast. Everything came together smoothly and I feel as if something truly special is just beginning. Of course, while I had my camera on the kitchen counter, ready to photograph the meal we created, in the excitement of it all, I didn’t take a single photo from the night. Perhaps it is for the better, to continue with the mystery.

focaccia rising
shelling pistachios

I couldn’t help but share some of the makings of the feast though, just some tidbits.


Mainly, I am just endlessly happy that I was able to make a vegan bastilla; a dish I enjoyed on special occasions as a child. Such a major accomplishment for me.

I know the next dinner is just around the corner, and we’ve already started planning, but in the mean time I’m trying to focus my attention on the multitude of other projects I have always queued up in my mind.

I feel like there is something just on the horizon that is about to reveal itself.

A Moveable Feast

I couldn’t be more excited to share some awesome news here on Cute and Delicious, one that I’ve had to keep under wraps for a little while now. I should just get to point, yes?

Kim Garr of C’est la Vegan and I have teamed up to bring you a very exclusive vegan supper club: A Moveable Feast.

We’ll be bringing gourmet meals into a private setting for small groups a few times each year. We are designing unique menus of completely homemade dishes with seasonal ingredients.

Just about a month ago, we threw our first dinner to see how everything would come together, to much success. You can read a full review, with all the details about our next event here over on Quarrygirl.

Our first offering will be on July 9th at 7pm at a secret location in Studio City. We have only 6 available seats available. Each seat is by donation (recommended between $75-$125). Email to reserve your space.