in the kitchen

Despite all the hard work it takes to put together a supper for eight, I do love being able to spend so much time in the kitchen creating an assortment of dishes. Yet again, I got so caught up in preparing and serving everything for our most recent secret supper I didn’t take a single photo the night of the event when everything was finished and presented. I still think just the colorful vegetables, spices and ingredients are beautiful though. Oh and that quiche, it’s making me dream of quiches and pies to come.

The days are getting darker and cooler and I am looking forward to the many delectable meals that will be prepared in our kitchen. The turn of the seasons and the coming of fall brings me so much happiness.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Breakfast Feast

sweet crepe

A quick announcement that Kim and I will be hosting another A Moveable Feast on Saturday September 17th. I’m particularly excited that the theme this time around will be French inspired breakfast for dinner. So many of my favorite dishes are breakfast treats.

If you’re interested in reserving a seat (and there are only a few left) email

full of life

this is a soup

It’s times like this weekend when I feel as is my plate is completely full. It’s been a busy week on all fronts. Kim and I held the second dinner for A Moveable Feast. Everything came together smoothly and I feel as if something truly special is just beginning. Of course, while I had my camera on the kitchen counter, ready to photograph the meal we created, in the excitement of it all, I didn’t take a single photo from the night. Perhaps it is for the better, to continue with the mystery.

focaccia rising
shelling pistachios

I couldn’t help but share some of the makings of the feast though, just some tidbits.


Mainly, I am just endlessly happy that I was able to make a vegan bastilla; a dish I enjoyed on special occasions as a child. Such a major accomplishment for me.

I know the next dinner is just around the corner, and we’ve already started planning, but in the mean time I’m trying to focus my attention on the multitude of other projects I have always queued up in my mind.

I feel like there is something just on the horizon that is about to reveal itself.