Yule Decorations

Our holiday decorations are simple this year, reusing a few items I had collected last year and revamping our terrariums for winter. They took about 10 minutes to make with a few supplies from the craft store and some vintage deer.

No tree again this year, though we debated for days on a pink or silver or some other fantastical one. Maybe next year. I’m quite happy with our little garland in its place. Nearly all the ornaments were gifts last year. Possibly my favorite is the handmade green glass witch’s globe.

We also have some flickering candles in the window. I love seeing these on the East Coast but they don’t show up often in California. If only I could find our twinkle lights we would be set.


curiosities 064

Not quite ready to show a full tour of our home yet, but I couldn’t help but share just a little. It seems we’ve become quite the collectors. Or rather, so many of the little creatures and knick knacks hiding in our closets have come out into the light.

curiosities 059
curiosities 058
curiosities 061
curiosities 063
curiosities 062

Busy busy days ahead. More to come.