pumpkin bread

pumpkin bread 227 After having a non-stop schedule for the past few months it was nice to have a free day where I could spend some time in the kitchen. We got a little pumpkin in our last CSA box and I had wanted to make something special with it. It seemed like a great chance to make something fully from scratch, instead of using canned pumpkin which is so readily available. It wasn’t difficult at all to bake the pumpkin before making it into puree, it just took a little extra time. I used this recipe for pumpkin bread, halved and without the walnuts. It was perfectly moist and spicy.

Can you tell the difference between the canned pumpkin and the fresh pumpkin in the end? I’m not sure. It’s still nice to know it was simple if I ever want to nix canned foods in general. Plus I made a little video of the process, which made the whole thing a little more fun.

Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream Valentine’s video from Shawn Bannon on Vimeo.

Shawn and I put together this video to wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. Hopefully your day is splendid and filled with magic and love.

Enjoy the video and the beautiful music of Jenny Luna and John Konesky.


fall time

I wanted to share this lovely video from La Sera that a friend showed me last October. It’s simultaneously cute and gross. Not to mention I love the song. Good for the season.

It’s really starting to feel like fall here in LA. We don’t so much get a season but a brisk cold time. Shawn and I have been watching our fair share of horror movies and that strange creepiness is starting to pervade my senses. I love it though. Feeling a little scared when I walk down the hallway in the dark or like something might be out there in the night.

Looking forward to a weekend filled with scary things and perhaps some creations in the kitchen. I promise food here on the blog next week.

Don’t forget, a week from today we’ll be screening Brainwashed Love at the La Femme Film Festival. Be there or be square.

a peek into Dr. Kleinensteinen

Dr. Kleinenensteinen Deleted Scene from Shawn Bannon on Vimeo.

Why hello dear readers. I’ve been strangely absent from the internet recently. The past few weeks have been painfully busy (at work, how boring) and I’ve needed every free moment for mental recovery rather than fun things like blogging.

As a peace offering, or a special treat, I offer you this lovely video made long ago by my dear husband. It’s a deleted scene from Dr. Kleinenensteinen, a film he made (that I’m hoping he’ll share with the world someday) way back when before we knew each other.

Sometime soon, when I get around to giving a little tour of our home, you’ll see bits and pieces from this project all around. We live in fantasy land.

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend filled with end of summer goodness.

video magic

Aerial Silk Demo from miss alix on Vimeo.

I wish I could post this video and say that I think it is utterly awesome, instead, I find that I’m sort of embarrassed. Oh well. I guess that’s why photos are more exciting than video sometimes. In any case, despite my embarrassment, I’m still pretty pleased with how this little thing came together. I honestly can’t wait to learn more.

At least I crossed one thing off my summer fun list.

Next week we’ll be back to our regular non-circus posts. 😉

p.s. Would you like to see more videos here on Cute and Delicious? Just curious.