chow mein

This weekend Shawn and I went out for Chinese food at Mao’s Kitchen. They have some really good vegan options, like a harvest soup that I adore. For some reason though, every time I eat there, I can’t seem to make up my mind on what I want to eat. I think part of the problem is that while checking out the menu, I cross the noodle section and always want chow mein noodles, but of course, they’re all made with egg. Once you get in the mood for something it’s hard to get your mind on something else.Luckily, I came across some chow mein noodles at the store the next day and to my surprise they were vegan! Yay! So I whipped up some spicy chow mein with bok choy and mushrooms. So good!

I also got a ton of fun stuff at the store so I’ll be making some other exciting treats this week.

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  1. Bethany says:

    that looks so good. I really love baby bok choi.

  2. kathryncupcake says:

    yum. brendan and i made the chow mein recipe from “the asian vegan kitchen” it came out so good. we have a lovely little asian market a couple of blocks from our house on sunset.

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