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Today I’m bringing you all a completely food free post (eek!) but I’m just too terribly excited about my new lamp to wait. I had been wanting to put another light in one corner of our living room that was a bit dark. I often lay in read in this corner but the nearest light is one that shines directly into your eyes and is more distracting than helpful. Because of the layout of the furniture in the area, it seemed to me that the only option was to hang something from the ceiling.

I had been casually browsing for ideas of something to make for awhile when I found an option in a copy of ReadyMade that seemed like it would bring enough additional light while also being simple to make. My initial attempt did not come out as planned and I almost caved and hung some Ikea china balls that were hidden away. I did a little research to solve my problems and used just a mix of glue and water instead of fabric stiffener to hold the form.

I love this lamp! The warm tone of the yarn I used brings a warmth to the light in the area as well as diffusing it from feeling like a raw lightbulb. I’d like to make a few more in other sizes and textures to add in the area.

Here is another little stuffed octopus from the holiday season. There’s something really rewarding about making stuffed animals. It’s as if you’re adding life to your home. This little guy went to live with my nephew in Las Vegas.

Coming in the future, I have a few kittie creations to share…

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  1. Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) says:

    This stuff is so cute!!!!

  2. nicolebaker says:

    awww! that is so cute!

  3. Glauce Lucas says:

    Cute! And I saw so many beautiful cookies and cup cakes here, must be also delicious. I’m starting follow you, take care ;o)

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