the end is the beginning

I’m drawing a blank with words at the moment. Our wedding will be this Saturday. That’s just 4 days away and counting.

It’s supposed to start raining here in Los Angeles and rain through the weekend. While our wedding is indoors I’m just realizing that maybe I should have thought about a jacket or at least a sweater.

So instead of going on about ridiculous details, I’ll share a few photos from my bachelorette ride. Thankfully there wasn’t too much debauchery.  My dear friend Jannatha planned out a beautiful bike ride, picnic and wine tastings. It was perfect.

wine and bikes
wine and bikes
wine and bikes
picnic in the church yard
wine and bikes
wine and bikes
winery cat

Oh and there was a cat. Adorable.

I’ll try and squeeze in another post before we’re off on our honeymoon (perhaps even a wedding sneak peak) but I promise even more exciting posts while I’m gone. I’ve enlisted some bloggers from here to all the way across the continent to brighten up Cute and Delicious for a few weeks.

3 Responses to “the end is the beginning”
  1. It looks lovely, Alix! My bachelorette party was pretty debauchery-free as well. I’m so excited to see wedding photos! (An early) Congratulations!!

  2. That looks like an awesome time–where were you guys?

  3. This looks so fun! What a perfect bachelorette party idea!

    How exciting that your wedding is on Saturday!! I hope you have the most beautiful day ever. Regardless of the weather, it will most certainly be a wonderful day filled with lots of love! Congratulations!

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