mint infused vodka


I can’t tell you how happy I am for this Sunday. Things have been a little too hectic around here for too many months now. I’ve been busy working on a secret project and waking up this morning with nothing to do until the afternoon was just heavenly.

That being said, I can’t seem to just relax and do nothing for very long. Not my style. I found myself looking in the kitchen for simple projects to work on. Trying to keep it relaxed though, I pulled out some leftover mint and tried my hand at making infused vodka.


In a matter of minutes, I chopped up the mint and put it in a jar with a cup of vodka. Well that was easy. Now it is sitting in the cupboard just doing it’s thing without me. Next weekend we’ll see how it turns out.


Many exciting things are going on right now and I can’t wait to share. If you haven’t noticed already, Cute and Delicious had a bit of redesign that I’m still working on. If you’re in a reader, hop out to see. I’ve also made a pledge to myself to improve my photoshop skills. In the mean time, I’m having fun using Sara’s action set to give some basic shots a little extra something (like the photos in this post).

Hope you all had relaxing Sundays.

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  1. Lynzie says:

    Have you tried making infused simple syrups? They’re yummy and easy and work really, really well with any leftover herb. My two favorites are a gin gimlet made with basil syrup, and then a salty dog made with rosemary.

    • miss alix says:

      i have made simple syrup which is super easy and very tasty. your drink mixes sound lovely too.

  2. omg this is genius! I have a mint plant that’s blowing up on my front porch.

  3. Sarah says:

    Love this idea! I’m going to have to try soon. I’m also going to have to get some of Sara’s actions because I am totally loving what her readers have done with their photos. She’s working on my site right now (and I love it).

    Cheers! : )

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