Plant Based Parties

plant based parties

This Saturday, Shawn and I attended a launch party for Plant Based Parties, a vegan catering company here in Los Angeles. We knew it would be awesome, because Jennie Cook, the chef behind the event made an amazing feast for our wedding.

plant based parties

We were delighted to find a fantastic tasting menu with a variety of things to sample. I started with a little plate, trying to pace myself.

First up was a beet burger slider, zucchini walnut fritter with avocado crema and a polenta bite. So good. I am officially obsessed with beet burgers, but these had the perfect balance of beety goodness and moist, seasoned filling all wrapped up in an adorable slider package. The zucchini fritter was crunchy and paired perfectly with avocado crema. The polenta bite? Perfect. Plain and simple.

plant based parties

We filled our plates time and time again, as every dish was delightful. Here are a few more samples: Old school ratatouille, onion baghi, asparagus tart and quinoa cake. Each was carefully prepared with a superb balance of flavors and textures. I was a big fan of the quinoa cakes as they were simple but deeply satisfying. I could see myself eating them every day.

plant based parties

We also had zucchini cannelloni, double stuffed potatoes, black bean tempeh piccata and the onion baghi again. The tempeh piccata was definitely a favorite, as it was crispy and just slightly spicy. I loved the fresh taste to the zucchini cannelloni as well. Oh and did you notice that pizza up top? Did I mention there was a giant dragon pizza oven. Delicious thin crusted pesto pizzas baked while we ate.

plant based parties They had beer on tap from Eagle Rock brewery.

plant based parties And wine in cute bottles from Silverlake Wines.

plant based parties

For dessert there was a selection of cakes, tarts, cookies and more, but by far the highlight was these chocolate mousse push pops. Given the chance I would have eaten a whole tray of these. They were creamy, chocolatey and just a tiny bit spicy.

plant based parties

I also had shortcake with raspberry sauce and vanilla creme fraiche and some fantastic peach pie. plant based parties

I am so excited that Jennie Cook is making a completely vegan catering company, because not only does Los Angeles need it, she is really great at what she does. Everything was balanced and clearly made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Not to mention delicious. I can’t wait till we have the chance to have another big party so we can use her again.

13 Responses to “Plant Based Parties”
  1. kim g. says:

    Everything looks so tasty! Those chocolate mousse push-ups are genius!

  2. Jenna says:

    Wow! This all looks so amazing! I’m salivating at your descriptions!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m loving the new layout of your blog! I’m kind of getting sick of mine but I have no energy to change it. : /

  4. !Yo Soy Liz! says:

    Ughh I meant to buy tix for this and then promptly forgot about it. All of the food looks incredible. How amazing would those chocolate mousse pops be at a wedding? I want to have a wedding just so I can serve those.

  5. lex says:

    wow, now that’s a plant based party! Can’t wait to throw one of those myself!

  6. Jaclyn says:

    This food looks so tasty and the photos are especially great.

  7. quarrygirl says:

    ooooh, we almost went to this! so sad we missed it, everything looks amazing.

  8. This was such an awesome event. It was so much fun and the food was absolutely amazing. There was also German Chocolate cake, yum. Jenny Cook is so nice. I can’t wait for her next vegan party. I highly recommend her services, best caterers ever especially if you’re having a vegan wedding. We had the most amazing comments from our guests. p.s. I know she has done events for Moby and Alicia Silverstone since our wedding. Cooool.

  9. kate says:

    wow, that all looks AMAZING. how wonderful that she catered your wedding! 🙂

  10. rachel says:

    jennie cook is awesome and i love the cute and delicious blog. what a perfect combo!

  11. jennie cook says:

    Alix, you are an amazing woman! Your photos are exquisite, your re-telling of the evening makes me proud and your adventures in food are intriguing. I hope we get the opportunity to cook together some day soon and celebrate our mutual appreciation of Earth Balance. You probably know this, but your Moveable Feasts will soon turn to larger events, more food fantasies and a continued journey in our lives’ passion for what we eat and entertaining others. Some of us have a gift that can’t be denied, and you my dear are one of those people. LET IT RIP darlin’, you are a force of nature that has only just begun to realize your amazing potential! Great things are on your horizon!

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