pretty bits

As the end of the year approaches, things start to get a little batty. There is the nervous anticipation of holidays and vacation and the possibilities of all that the new year could bring. There’s also lots of work. Finishing many things and tying up loose ends on projects and gift hunting and holiday decorating. For me there are numbers and spreadsheets and bills and late hours at work for everything must be finished before the clock strikes twelve on December 31st (actually days before that). Things are moving quickly and while there is lots of stress there is a sort of glee in it all too.

I’m looking forward to having some free time, to letting my brain relax and take in what’s around me instead of focusing on deadlines and things that must be done. I’m looking forward to doing some traveling and seeing places outside of Los Angeles. Is it really possible we haven’t left this city since our honeymoon? I feel like I need a reset on my brain, as it’s in an infinite loop of work, different kinds of work but work all the same. I know my true creative self is hiding in there somewhere.

And next year holds so many things, I’ll be attending Alt Summit and the Sundance Film Festival. We’re also planning to visit SXSW. So much too look forward to. But that’s next year. We’re only half way through December and there is still much to be done.


2 Responses to “pretty bits”
  1. Becca says:

    Yes! Stress and glee! With flowers to send us on our weekend way (and through til the crazy end of the year). Although you haven’t been outside LA since your honeymoon, I’m happy to see you’re fixing that. And I am jealous-thrilled for you that you get to go the AltSummit and SXSW.

  2. kc says:

    Those flowers! Yes to the stress and glee. I think it’s what I love about this time of year though. I’m a sucker for a new year. There is something about tying up loose ends and planning for new things that makes me happy. Happy holiday travels to you.

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