seasons of life

March is here. Spring is creeping in. In this mixed-up, seasonless city, that doesn’t mean too much, except more sunlight in the evening, which surprisingly makes a huge difference. More importantly, it signals the progression of the year and the cycles of life. Things are surely changing around here. February, while peaked with some wonderful things, was a trying month, so I’m greeting March with open arms and high hopes.

We spent the weekend starting a massive spring cleaning. We moved in to our apartment nearly a year ago now but there are many cabinets, closets and boxes filled with things that have gone unsorted for much longer. It felt so good to reorganize and get rid of unwanted things. Not to mention the joy of finding so many strange treasures in the process. Sometimes, cleaning our home is like going to mystery estate sale for me, as Shawn has so many collections of trinkets, memorabilia and vintage medical equipment hidden away. I’m working on finding ways to display more of it, rather than having it packed in boxes.

This weekend was just the beginning of home projects that I’ve been thinking about for months. From simple things to putting up some new shelves to more complicated and time intensive projects like repainting our kitchen and all its cabinets. I’m going to have to do some serious research on stripping paint and restoring wood. Any tips are greatly welcomed. There are years of paint on everything in our place, but the last coat was done with a cheap white which has left all the previously glossy surfaces peeling. So much work, but I’m looking forward to it.

So here’s to March. Has spring rolled around your neck of the woods? Do you feel the impending changes and light it brings?

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  1. Cortnie says:

    Going through closets and drawers to clean out and reorganize is one of my favorite things to do in this world! (And so is enjoying more hours of sunlight.)


  2. erica says:

    Hey Alix! New reader via DoorSixteen: love your blog and can’t stop telling people about your amazing wedding.

    Spring has completely sprung in Austin and I am spending every possible second outside.

    As for stripping paint, I love the Citrustrip paint remover. It works great and smells good and is safe to use indoors. But definitely wear gloves because it will still make all the skin peel off your fingers (yikes!)

    • miss alix says:

      Hi Erica –

      Glad you found Cute + Delicious. I’m also glad to hear that spring has taken over Austin as I’m going to be visiting soon (although the weather predicts lots of rain). Thanks for the recommendation of the paint stripper, I’ll have to look into it.

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