It is the first day of spring. The sunshine has cast out the gloom and new things are on the horizon. It is time for dusting off the cobwebs in dark corners and turning to face new and growing life. It’s time for flowers.

I am notoriously good at killing plants. I’ve even managed to murder my cacti and succulents which you basically never need to water. I love these hanging fabric planters though. A girl can dream right? Maybe one day when we have a yard I’ll have some plants that grow.

What are you looking forward to this spring?

3 Responses to “spring”
  1. Sharon says:

    We are planting tomatoes, lettuces and hot peppers!

  2. I went all out last year and planted all sorts of plants in containers and even one of those root pouches. I managed to kill almost all of the herbs I planted right away. My tomato plant lasted forever but the tomatoes had very little flavor. I had a zucchini plant that produced one zucchini in total. I’m thinking of just trying to do kale this year since I buy so damn much of it.

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