sew modern

This past weekend I took some time to explore the adorable fabric shop Sew Modern. I spent forever just looking at all the different prints and great fabrics. The whole place has the most welcoming atmosphere and I could squander away hours there. They even had a handful of Colette Patterns and I spied some designs from Creative Thursday. Browsing through all the fabrics instilled an even greater desire to focus on some sewing projects and really bite the bullet on quilting. So I’m working on a plan for this epic quilt and will be back to get pretty fabrics soon.

2 Responses to “sew modern”
  1. Vegyogini says:

    Ooh, I would love to have dresses and button-down shirts made out of some of those fabrics! The quilt(s) you make will be gorgeous!

  2. Diana Taylor says:

    Awesome. Im so visiting this shop next time Im in LA.

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