striped nightgown

In my continued quest to make things, I endeavored to sew a nightgown. I thought with the impending warmer months it would be nice to have something light to sleep in. I found a few patterns with modest designs, much like you would see from years ago, and thought they would make nice projects. I chose a bright striped fabric and got on with it.

The pattern was simple and a nice reintroduction to sewing complete garments. Following directions is simultaneously comforting and difficult for me; I like having the guidance but I rarely follow instructions completely. I often cut corners or do things out of order, which can often lead to problems, although not always.

Of course, as I finished it, the weather turned cold again, so I imagine it will be awhile until I wear it. There should be a button on the top, which I may or may not add later, and I sort of wish the waistline was a little lower, but at least I’ll know for next time. Mostly I think it’s fun, and being so simple to make, it gave me confidence in my sewing skills once again.

2 Responses to “striped nightgown”
  1. cortnie says:

    I’ve had a hankering for a nightgown. Especially a praire style one. (Is there such a thing?…) Yours turned out really cute. I’ve got to learn to sew one of these days!


  2. jacqueline says:

    I love the stripes of the fabric you used. Your nightgown is so cute, I think you could wear it as a dress in public!

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