bumper madness

This past weekend was full of movie making. It was awesome. Though a lot of work was involved, I can’t imagine a way I’d rather spend my days.

This upcoming Saturday is the deadline for the Fantastic Fest Bumper Contest so yesterday Jenn and I completely shot and edited our entry, with lots of help from Shawn. It involved tons of cat wrangling, blood, glitter, and of course, time travel. It was so fun to work on and and really rewarding to start and finish a big project all in one day. Plus our bumper is the coolest.

On top of that, we also shot one of Shawn’s bumper entries, which meant dressing up in some crazy lady Chewbacca costumes and going on a murderous rampage, which is always a good time.

Besides all our bumper making we put some finishing touches on my short film which is so close to being finished I can taste it. It’s been a long process for a little film (it’s only 13 minutes) but also an enlightening one. I’m really happy to have brought this idea to life.

Check back later this week and I’ll share our bumper.

mixed bag

My mind has felt a little like these random photos recently. It seems to be full of all things, all at once. We’ve been cleaning and organizing our home, getting rid of clutter and taking things out of closets. So many secret treasures are hiding in boxes. The end of summer has been full of birthdays and gatherings and yet I’m feeling more antisocial than ever. I wish fall were here already, the heat makes me anxious. These past few weeks have not just signaled the change of yearly cycles, but also a change in life seasons. New excitement is peeking over the horizon. New challenges are drifting in with the wind. Summer lacked direction while now deadlines are looming over me. Everything all at once.

Even the words I write here are scatterbrained. I don’t have just one neat thing to share. I wish I did. I have been struggling with where I want this blog to go, what I want it to be. It’s just for me, so it can be whatever I want but how much of myself do I want to share? How many of my worries and ponderings do I want to put out into the world? How much self reflection is appropriate for public consumption? I’m still trying to figure it out.


Lately I’ve been addicted to audiobooks. It’s nice to have something to focus on when you’re stuck in traffic or doing the dishes or binding a quilt. At the same time, I’ve been a little let down by my reading selection. I know I should look back to what others recommended before, but I need a sure fire winner. I’m looking for not just something that you think I might like, I’m talking your favorite book, or one that just blew your mind.

On the other hand, even if I don’t like a book as much as I’d hoped, I’ve been enjoying rating and reviewing things on Goodreads. There I can actually give reason behind why I didn’t like a book or why I did, plus others’ reviews help me choose my next book.

Of the books I recently listened to above, I enjoyed The Red Garden and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. I am a big fan of Alice Hoffman so The Red Garden was easy to love. Quiet was really interesting, especially as a person who is extremely introverted. It highlighted all the talents of introverted people, but it didn’t really lend any advice to fitting in to the real world. Mostly I really enjoyed learning the history of how extroversion became popularized in American culture.

On the other end of the spectrum, I hated A Discovery of Witches. I only got this one because it was on sale and seemed decent but it was awful all the way through. It grosses me out how mediocre writing is celebrated these days. I demand new ideas! I demand editing! I’m only posting this book as a warning so you do not make the same mistake I did.

I also tried out two books by Jeffrey Eugenides. I have always been a fan of The Virgin Suicides so when The Marriage Plot was released I thought I’d give it a go. I suppose these days I’m maybe too aware of feminist issues for this book to work for me. I wonder if this book also was negatively affected for me by a mediocre audio production. Maybe I’ve just outgrown Eugenides as an author. In any case, I wasn’t a fan of this. Middlesex on the other hand was so highly recommended that I thought maybe it would cleanse my palate. It was certainly better but I think I had the wrong idea about it going in. I did really enjoy about two thirds of the novel, but there was one third that dragged on and nearly made me lose interest in the book entirely.

Ok, so what’s the most awesome of awesome books because I need a real winner right now? What do you think about audiobooks, are you a fan?

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