Brainwashed Love is here

Once upon a time Shawn and I made a feature film. If you’ve been around these parts for awhile you’ve surely heard me mention it. We’ve considered many avenues for distribution and came to the conclusion that mostly we just wanted people to be able to see it. So finally we’ve released it online and you can watch it on vimeo.

This is the final director’s cut which is slightly different from what we showed at our previous screenings. I think it’s the best version of course. I’m really excited to hear what you all think.

We made this film before kickstarter and crowdfunding was a thing so it was completely self-funded. If you like what you see, feel free to leave us a tip on vimeo.

So, without further ado, I present BRAINWASHED LOVE for your viewing pleasure.

BRAINWASHED LOVE – Feature Film – 2011 from Shawn Bannon on Vimeo.

5 Responses to “Brainwashed Love is here”
  1. Shawn Bannon says:

    The coolest thing about releasing our movie this way is that we have worldwide distribution. Brainwashed Love has now been seen in the USA, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, UK, Australia, Spain, Peru, Greece, China, Norway and the Netherlands.

  2. Sharon says:

    So much awesome! Thank you both for getting this up and available to share with the world.

  3. Marine says:

    Amazing! The internet makes so many things possible these days; I’m happy you were able to share this with the world. I enjoyed the highly relatable story line and all the zombie twists 😉 You both did an awesome job!

  4. erica says:

    I just watched this and have been so looking forward to the opportunity to view your film! I’m so blown away. Knowing just a little about you and Shawn through your blog, but seeing the bits and pieces of you in the film : literally (cameos!) and things like the group bike rides, which I know are personal. So impressed with the film and grateful for the opportunity to see it. Can’t wait to share it…and to watch it again.

    • miss alix says:

      Thanks so much Erica. I’m really glad you liked and noticed so much from it. It was definitely personal, but also a learning experience.

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