anna_allan_dresses I tend to get obsessed with multiple projects at once. Right now I’m balancing painting and writing and brainstorming dresses to sew. I often fantasize about only wearing prairie dresses, even though I realize everyone would look at me funny if I did. I am in love with these dresses from Anna Allen. I’m very pleased that she says she’ll be offering sewing patterns in the future because I’d love to make my own.

laurelI’m also thinking about entering the Laurel Sewing Contest from Colette Patterns. The prizes are crazy good. I tend to wear dresses that are a little more fitted, but I have some fabric I’ve been meaning to turn into a dress since last summer. It would be best for me to just just make some adjustments and make a dress rather than keep the fabric as nothing forever. Plus it’s a very simple dress, just the right thing to get me back in the sewing habit.

Do you have any dresses you love? Share your favorites.

photos from Anna Allen and Colette Patterns

3 Responses to “dresses”
  1. bonne says:

    Love the pockets on the top one!

  2. Vegyogini says:

    Yes, yes, enter!

    Favorite dresses…My best friend got married in an off-the-rack, white, strapless minidress with a thick cotton lace overlay and she gifted it to me on my birthday 4 years ago (I wore it that year at our Griffith Park birthday party and then again in Jamaica for my brother’s wedding). That’s my very favorite dress. I have a short, black cocktail dress from the 60s that my aunt bought as a teenager and gave to me when I kept borrowing it, so that’s another favorite. I wear dresses most of the time at work, too, which means there are many, many in my closet.

  3. I haven’t sewn anything in ages, but for some reason I’ve been thinking of making a dress recently. Maybe I’ll have to put it on my summer goals list.

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