little quilt

This little quilt may be the nerdiest quilt I make. It is officially my movie theater quilt. I am always getting cold in theaters, particularly older ones with massive, unregulated air conditioners. This little quilt is just big enough to cover my legs and fight off chill but not so big that I seem like a crazy lady bringing a blanket into a theater with me. It’s cute and colorful and folds up really small so I can fit it in my bag. Perfect!

And Mochi likes it too.

little quilt

chevron quilt

Remember that chevron quilt I was working on? Well I finally finished it. It took FOREVER. One day I will actually remember that quilting is a really extensive process. Maybe.
In any case, I am really happy with how it looks in our bedroom, making it even more monochromatic than before. Even though I made a ton of mistakes at the end of this project, I still have the quilting bug. I’ve just learned that quilting a queen size quilt on a tiny sewing machine doesn’t work as well as I had hoped it would. I still can’t wait to start the next one. I’ll just have to make sure I have a long time to work on it.

black and white chevron project

Ever since we had out Mad Men Party there have been plans for more marathons and themed gatherings. The most anticipated is our Twin Peaks Marathon, which is happening this weekend. Being a huge Twin Peaks fan, I may have been a little too ambitious in my preparations. In order to make our living room feel like the black lodge, I’ve been making a black and white chevron quilt. I love how it’s coming along, but with so many pieces on this fairly large quilt, I’m not sure I can pull it off in time for this weekend. I’m going to try though! Thankfully I have Radiolab podcasts to keep me on task while I sew.

Beyond the quilt, I still have red velvet curtains to make. Plus lots and lots of pie. I am really good at making nearly impossible tasks for myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way I suppose.

sew modern

This past weekend I took some time to explore the adorable fabric shop Sew Modern. I spent forever just looking at all the different prints and great fabrics. The whole place has the most welcoming atmosphere and I could squander away hours there. They even had a handful of Colette Patterns and I spied some designs from Creative Thursday. Browsing through all the fabrics instilled an even greater desire to focus on some sewing projects and really bite the bullet on quilting. So I’m working on a plan for this epic quilt and will be back to get pretty fabrics soon.

toast quilt

Ever since I made our wedding quilt, I’ve wanted to make another. The truth is though, I was a little intimidated. While my first attempt turned out well in the end, it was quite the struggle, and was by no means perfect. The thought of making a larger quilt was even more frightening. Yet, the idea still festered in the back of my mind. Then somewhere on the internet I saw this idea of a tiny quilt made for breakfast and I knew it was the perfect project.

The toast quilt (which I guess is actually called a mug rug) is sort of like a pot holder, except rectangular. In theory you’d put your coffee on there with your toast but I really just wanted one for the toast. It drives me sort of crazy to put toast on a plate unless it’s totally flat, otherwise it slips around when you are putting your spread on. Yes, I’m extremely particular about my toast. Often I’ll just use a napkin, but a quilted coaster is even better.

I had a few fabric samples designed by Jenean Morrison that I scored at Alt Summit, which were perfect for this tiny project. For the rest I used leftover fabric and batting from the previous quilt. I probably should have picked a more appropriate binding but the tan was already cut and ironed so I just went with it. I still need to work on cutting my squares perfectly the same size and also on my binding but I am very happy with my tiny quilt and already want to make more. The truth is it only barely scratched my quilting itch. I’ve resigned to make a full sized quilt, but I should probably do a little more practice first.