Weetzie Cat

Remember those kittens we had for adoption? Well, they all found homes, a wonderful, rare, happy ending. It just so happens that one of them found her home with us. Her name is Weetzie Cat.

She was the first one to come up to me back when they were still outside and I became sort of attached to her. We didn’t plan to keep her, but it was always in my mind. She’s very sweet, loves to snuggle and play and explore. She loves to explore. I sometimes think maybe we should have called her dust bunny as she crawls through all the hard to reach spots (behind the washing machine, under the victrola) bringing fluff balls and cobwebs with her.

We’re working on making friends with Meeme and Mochi. Meeme seems fine, mostly ignoring this little meowing black furball, giving her the occasional sniff. I think they’ll be friends one day. Mochi on the other hand is none to happy about this addition to our home. There has been lots of hissing. Mochi, the sweetest and friendliest of cats clearly is much happier with humans than other cats (well, except Meeme). Hopefully time will ease this tension as clearly Weetzie just wants to hang out with the big kids.