Happy New Year!

Hope everyone started their year off right and had a lovely holiday season. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do here at cute and delicious but I’ve got a few treats in store. First, I wanted to travel back in time, not too far back, just to the end of December, and finally let you all in on those gifts hidden in the bags. You remember, right?

Yeah those ones…Now I filled them with all sorts of things but I tried to make a good portion of the gifts that I put in them. This ended up being mostly for the girls I gave gifts to, as well, it’s just easier to make stuff for girls sometimes. Since I only had a few weeks to get all my gifts in order, I decided to make aprons from A is for Apron. The designs were cute and not overly complicated. I picked a few designs and made six different aprons in total.

This one you see my mom wearing is probably my favorite as it has a completely different feel than most aprons you see. It’s a full apron with a smocky design that is still elegant. My mom’s only complaint was that she wouldn’t want to get it dirty, which is pretty good coming from an apron connoisseur like her.

My other favorite was this super cute design that you see on Amy, Shawn’s sister. I loved all the trim on this one and the fun combination of fabric patterns. Overall, A is for Apron was great in that most of the designs are really great and it has a lot of tips and apron history. On the other hand, the directions are, unfortunately, written pretty poorly. It took a lot of re-reading and just plain ignoring the directions and go with my own sewing knowledge to make them all come out correctly.

Like I said, I didn’t make every gift, there were definitely a bunch of books, blu-rays, stainless steel water bottles and the like handed out as well. After last year’s christmas cookie disaster, I stayed away from baking gifts this year. I did, on the other hand, have to bring something to share at my family christmas party.

I decided on vegan rice krispie pops dipped in chocolate, thinking their cuteness would make up for their simplicity. Last year I made peppermint cookies and cream cupcakes and they were hardly touched (obviously they didn’t know what they were missing).

This year all the krispie pops were snatched up before dessert was even served, mainly by small children, who gobbled them up off their sticks. Thanks to dandies, no one had any clue these treats were vegan.

Soon after this, Shawn and I left for a cross country road trip for two weeks. I can’t wait to show you all some of the awesome places we visited all across the country.

13 Responses to “Happy New Year!”
  1. kim g. says:

    I love the apron you made for you mom! And those rice krispie stars are so cute. Can’t wait to see pictures from your road trip!

  2. quarrygirl says:

    those stars look SOOOO GOOD. and yes, people would be insane not to devour your cookies.

    welcome home!

  3. Foodeater says:

    Those aprons look so lovely, and I’m sure the treats were delectable. I’ve been eyeing various different ones in preparation of getting my first… perhaps I might have to commission you to make it for me!

  4. Vegyogini says:

    You are so amazingly talented! The aprons and the gift bags are gorgeous. The rice krispies stars are a spectacular idea!

  5. Nora says:

    the aprons are so beautiful!

    and the rice crispie pops are great. i want to be in your family (at least for xmas!)

  6. Awww what gorgeous gifts! I really love those star shaped, chocolate dipped krispy treats! Such a clever idea, I think I could go for one (or two or three) right about now!

    Can’t wait to hear about your travels. Happy New Year!

  7. Trinity says:

    I love the aprons! you’re such a talented lady!

  8. canadienne says:

    Amy’s apron is SO CUTE. Love the fabric you chose 🙂

  9. karla says:

    your mom’s apron is so great! i want!

  10. Lex says:

    wow and I thought my coco rice (enviro kids) & brown rice vegan sprinklz covered crispies were the bomb, you go and make them into stars and chocolate dip them and put them on a stick!!! impressive! I’m going to totally copy that for 4th of July!

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