May adventures

Oh dear oh dear it seems that I have almost let an entire month go by without posting at least something on my beloved Cute and Delicious. It’s not for lack of cooking or crafting or baking or photos either. I’ve been a busy girl on all fronts. Some of these things really do deserve to be shared, so I’m going to try and give you all a visual taste of a few things I’ve been up to in the past few weeks. Shall we get started?

For the first time in forever, I was able to go to the famed Pasadena flea market. We walked around for hours and there still wasn’t enough time to see everything. I had forgotten how many beautiful trinkets and quality vintage items they have. I snagged up a few little things, like the owls you see above and a lovely red polka dot dress.

There are just so many things though, it’s nice to just see some of the awesome old stuff people collect. Like all these cameras.

We also saw the cutest dog ever. She was a rescue puppy with only one eye. So sweet, her owner just handed her over to Shawn and she was just like a little stuffed animal. Extra fluffy and calm. I’m kind of obsessed with animals that are missing limbs or eyes. Ok I’m weird. Anyway, just a reminder, there are some amazing animals out there that need homes just waiting to be adopted.

For Mother’s day my mom wanted a cherry pie. So I pitted a lot of fresh cherries. 6 cups of cherries actually.

I’ve never been into cherry pie to be honest. I realized, after making this pie, that it is only because I have not had a quality cherry pie.

It was so good, we couldn’t wait for it to cool completely and ate it when it was still a bit saucy. Oh man I dream of this pie. Sweet sweet cherries and a flaky, crispy crust. Yum.

I also stitched up this little hedgehog from a pattern from Sublime Stitching. He’s so adorable but I can’t quite decide what to do with him yet. Any ideas?

I’ve also been testing tiramisu recipes. I never realized how many different ways there are to make tiramisu, let alone a vegan one. It’s been quite a delicious adventure.

There has been so much more, but perhaps that will be for another post. You can also see a few of the things I’ve tagged along on to over at little vegan planet.

8 Responses to “May adventures”
  1. Quarrygirl says:

    ooh the pasadena flea market looks so neat! i wanna go there.

    i also wanna eat that cherry pie someday, with black coffee.

    love the tiramisu! and hedgehog!

  2. lisa marie says:

    I’m with you on loving animals with missing parts. They seem extra earnest and determined and adorable.

  3. Monica says:

    I adore those owls. I received my apron this past week and it is so very lovely. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  4. Tess says:

    I love the pictures! I’m a big fan of pie (I think you may have gathered that) but cherry has never been a huge favorite of mine, either. However, my hometown is the Cherry Capital of the World (not kidding) so I ate it a ton growing up. I think it’s best with a scoop of vanilla ice “cream.”

  5. I love this post SO much.

    First of all, I love flea markets. Apparently I inherited my junk loving trait from my grandma. We both love tiny little adorable trinkets, as well. Seriously, if I see something that is beautiful AND tiny, I’m sold.

    I also love rescue dogs! I’m glad you reminded everyone how many sweet and loving pooches out there need a home. Adoption is the best!

    What a beautiful bright cherry pie! I’ve never liked cherries, either, but I think, like you, I never had really fresh ones. Maybe I’ll have to give it a go.

  6. kim g. says:

    I love that we kept running into each other during some of your adventures! I’m sad we didn’t see that cute puppy at the market, but we would have been too tempted, and I don’t think our dog and cat would like having to compete for any more attention…

    As for the cherry pie – it. looks. amazing. I love pie, but I never really make it. You’re killing me with these awesome pie posts!

  7. brittany says:

    that pup is the cutest thing ever! i second your feeling about animals with missing limbs or eyes. i want one!

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