Vintage Postcard Save the Dates

The first thing on our big to do list of wedding planning was making our save the dates. Shawn and I both really liked the idea of using vintage post cards. We went to the infamous Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market and bought up a bunch.
vintage postcards
It was super fun to browse through the booths and find cards we liked. I really liked reading the ones with original writing on the back. People sure did talk about their sick relatives a lot back in the day.

vintage postcards

The best part about getting the postcards at the flea market, rather than ordering online and just getting a lot of unknown cards, we were able to hand pick each one. We chose ones that were all from California and if possible, from Los Angeles.
vintage post cards

We hand stamped each postcard with a stamp set our friends had given us. I can’t tell you how handy that stamp set is. It’s really just a box full of individual letters so we’ve used it for our return addresses, postcards for our movie screening, cupcake boxes, you name it.
magical stamp

lots of stamping

We also chose one of the photos that Shawn took of us to send along to personalize each announcement.

hand addressed envelopes

We hand addressed all the envelopes with some help from my mom and sent them out!

I think they look rather sweet and definitely capture that vintage feeling that will be present throughout our wedding. Next up…invitations!

p.s. we didn’t really send one to the president…but wouldn’t it be cool if we did?

9 Responses to “Vintage Postcard Save the Dates”
  1. Sara says:

    I think it would have been amazing to send one to the President! And I love these vintage card ideas, really unique and special. Looking great so far, Alix!

  2. Julia says:

    cute cute cute cute cute!!!!

  3. I’m totally stealing this idea if I ever have a wedding.

  4. Katie says:

    I LOVE this idea – SOOOO cute – and a really affordable way to do Save the Dates. Question – do you know where your friends got that stamp set? I’d love to copy your idea!

  5. Oh man, you gave away the president’s address all over the internet. He’s probably going to be upset about that. 😀 😀

  6. Brittany says:

    I love vintage postcards! My personal favourites are ones of landscapes. I have some really nice ones of sedona, arizona and switzerland:)

  7. Vaala ◪ says:

    That is such a beautiful idea! I love the vintage feel and it really suits you guys. So clever!

  8. quarrygirl says:

    i love your save the date card!! thanks for sharing the process that went into making them. and whoa that stamp thingy is so freaking cool.

  9. Tawny Versprill says:

    I find your posts inspiring. I’m definitely bookmarking this blog. Can’t wait to see the photos from the wedding. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but, I really am enjoying your blog. It’s going to be a great wedding. (I’m a vegan as well so the food posts are a bonus!)

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