some kind of weekend

A holiday weekend is upon us. We usually have something planned to celebrate since I can’t resist a holiday filled with bunnies and chocolate. This year, things will be a little quieter (I won’t be making an extravagant brunch like last year). We will be gathering with family at the restaurant my grandfather would take us to every Easter to do a little remembering.

Like I said, I can’t resist bunnies, so I molded a few out of marzipan. I wish marzipan here in the states was as delicious as the stuff I’ve had from Germany. I’ve been craving sweet almond things, so perhaps these bunnies will get little almond cakes to live on.

I’m hoping maybe we’ll have the opportunity to take a few photos with this Graphlex we bought ages ago. It’s just a matter of getting the film for it. Hooray for ancient cameras. I also found a roll of black and white film that I’d like to use. What sort of photos does one take with black and white these days? It seems like only portraits are appropriate for some reason.

I’ve started down the path of renovating things in our home that have been bugging me as I mentioned. I can see now, it’s going to be a long road.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoys an extra day off if you have one. Need some ideas for craft and treat projects? Here are a few from years past:

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  1. Shawn Bannon says:

    Those bunnies are so cute.

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