mother’s day

We had a lovely mother’s day this year. I made tofu benedict and strawberry parfaits for brunch. We played Rummikub and watched A Shot in the Dark and spent a nice relaxing day with my mom. Hope all you mamas out there had a wonderful day full of celebration and love.

hair styles

hair cut

I’m having a hair dilemma. I think probably my whole life has been a hair dilemma. Last June, I gave up dying my hair. After years of treating it like crap with bleach and every color and sort of dye, I thought it was about time I gave it a break. Beyond that, I was tired of the upkeep and had no idea what color my hair even was anymore.

But as those things go, I’m bored and want to do something with my hair. I want something fun and new. I promised myself no haircut until I accomplish a certain goal (which I’ll maybe share later), and besides, I basically get the same haircut all the time, so that’s nothing special.

The thing is though, I’m actually really happy not dying my hair. I like the color and while it’s a little softer and wavier untreated, I’m looking forward to having all the dyed bits fully grown out. So instead of doing anything drastic, I thought I’d just reminisce through photos of my various hairstyles in the past years.

Orange is and will always be my favorite. I’ve considered just dying the ends of my hair orange as is it, but I’m not totally sure.

It’s fun and yet still feels natural to me (although clearly it is not).

Bright albino white was also fun, but my hair was the most destroyed by this endeavor.

Further back in time, there was a period of dark brown. I loved this color but it just would not stay in my hair and would always fade to a drab straw color.
Now jumping back a to my college days, a time of more piercings and no bangs. This was the last moment before I got to the haircut that I’ve had for all of my twenties.
Right before that, my hair was short in back and longer in the front. I do miss this haircut occasionally, though I’ve gotten used to having bangs.

Nearly all my teenage years I had short hair with those long wispy bits in front. It never looked right, but it was fun to change the color all the time, as it took no time at all to grow out. I tried every color: pink, orange, blue, black. One summer I changed my hair every week, such as teenagers do.

Well that was fun, and is making me feel a bit better about the fact that I trimmed my bangs just a little too short. The best part of hair is that it grows back, so mistakes are eventually undone on their own.

little getaways

I’m often bemoaning the fact that I want to live somewhere with trees and greenery, somewhere more natural than this city. The truth is though, we’re lucky to have lots of places to explore that just aren’t that far away. We went hiking this weekend and explored a magical trail, much like the woodsy adventures I dream of. So it isn’t exactly in our back yard, but hey, we don’t even have a back yard so I’ll take what I can get. I suppose excursions like this could make me appreciate Los Angeles enough to stay (for awhile anyway).

striped nightgown

In my continued quest to make things, I endeavored to sew a nightgown. I thought with the impending warmer months it would be nice to have something light to sleep in. I found a few patterns with modest designs, much like you would see from years ago, and thought they would make nice projects. I chose a bright striped fabric and got on with it.

The pattern was simple and a nice reintroduction to sewing complete garments. Following directions is simultaneously comforting and difficult for me; I like having the guidance but I rarely follow instructions completely. I often cut corners or do things out of order, which can often lead to problems, although not always.

Of course, as I finished it, the weather turned cold again, so I imagine it will be awhile until I wear it. There should be a button on the top, which I may or may not add later, and I sort of wish the waistline was a little lower, but at least I’ll know for next time. Mostly I think it’s fun, and being so simple to make, it gave me confidence in my sewing skills once again.

gloom and light

May Day signals a change in life’s seasons. Looking back on what I wrote last year, I was full of so much hope, and yet expected so little. Things surely have changed in this past year in many ways I never could have imagined. I cannot say that all has been for the better, though much has been.

Spring should be heralded with flowers but today is filled with gloom. Yet, I still have hope in my heart. The world keeps moving on and changing as it always will.