Take Backs

TAKE BACKS from Shawn Bannon on Vimeo.

I debated whether or not to post TAKE BACKS here, mainly because it’s a little more controversial and violent than what usually goes up on Cute and Delicious. Also, maybe you guys are sick of Fantastic Fest bumpers. In the end though, I’m really proud to have been a part of this video and hope you’ll watch it. It is directed by Shawn and written by the infamous FILM CRIT HULK. It features Noah Segan, Suki-Rose Etter and myself (with appearances by Kyle Bannon and Scott Green). I hope you’ll watch it despite my disclaimer.

Exciting news though, Doctor Meow received enough votes to be a semifinalist. That means DOCTOR MEOW will be playing at the Fantastic Fest awards ceremony! We’re so very excited and most certainly couldn’t have done it without your votes. Thank you!

p.s. What do you think of my new look? (Ok, it’s not really my new look but I sort of wish it was.)

2 Responses to “Take Backs”
  1. Nick says:

    This is a good look. Personally, the belt and maybe the choker feel a little too Hot Topic. Congrats with Doctor Meow!

  2. Sara says:

    Oh wow, you weren’t kidding! I did watch it anyway, and I realized suddenly that I’d never heard your voice before, at least not that I can recall. I like the video, though, and I think it’s neat you were a part of it. You look totally different, but at the same time not. (I mean that as a compliment. That there is a badass goth in you lurking in there somewhere who’s BFF is Jack Skelington.)

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