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This past week I came across this beautiful lace tattoo by Watson Atkinson and sort of fell in love with the idea. I don’t often get tattoo ideas, even though I’m really attracted to the artistry of tattoos. When I do have an idea, I just sort of sit on it for years until I figure it out, decide if it really make sense for me. Other ideas floating around in my brain besides this one: a bright, colorful jellyfish and the Twin Peaks the log lady has.

There’s something about the lace that just makes sense to me though for reasons that are not easy to explain. Something about turning blemishes into design. I know white tattoos don’t stay so clear and I’m fine with that. I actually like how my tattoos have faded over time, which is weird I guess.

This tattoo would definitely be a big step though, as I would want it on my forearm. Despite having nearly my entire back tattooed, it’s easy to cover with just a tee shirt. Since I was young I have thought of my skin as a canvas, but in some way I feel like tattoos as for myself and not necessarily for display.

Anyway, no real plans at the moment (don’t worry mom & dad!). Like I said, I’ll probably just ponder this for awhile.

5 Responses to “flesh”
  1. Cortnie says:

    A lace tattoo sounds so beautiful – I’ve also been intrigued with getting all-white tattoos. I like your other tattoo ideas as well.

    I always wish I could actually draw out my own tattoo ideas as I see them in my mind – it would make things so much easier!


  2. Caitlin says:

    i’ve actually never heard of white tattoos! but the lace one you are interested in is beautiful! i can understand not being sure if you’d want it to be visible for all to see.

  3. Anni says:

    Wow, that’s stunning! I can see how you’d want to think on it since it’d be so big, but it really is beautiful.

    I have “a little faith” in calligraphy on my inside forearm. I originally wanted to get it very small, but the tattoo artist told me it would distort the calligraphy swoops. I’m so glad I got it a bit bigger, honestly even when I’m wearing sleeveless shirts, a lot of people don’t notice it, but I always love seeing it.

    • miss alix says:

      I wouldn’t get the full sleeve, probably just something on my forearm, which isn’t too noticeable really. Still though…

  4. I know someone who got the brocade pattern off a historic ball gown tattooed as a full sleeve on one of his arms. It’s not white, like this, but it’s really stunning. So I love the idea of using textiles as tattoo inspiration.

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