festive foods

There was finally time for some cooking this weekend. We had some delicious latkes with soy sour cream which was a real treat, and very appropriate for Hanukkah. The recipe was from The Vegan Table which is easily my favorite cookbook at this point.

I also made a twice-baked butternut squash which was quite good. I modified this recipe to make it vegan of course and also to use only one large butternut squash instead of six small ones. It was quite good and would be a nice addition to a holiday table.

I’m also dying to make this vegan eggnog and some snowflake sugar cookies. So many fun festive dishes to make. Do you have any holiday favorites?

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3 Responses to “festive foods”
  1. Those latkes look delicious!

  2. kc says:

    The squash looks amazing! I wish M liked it more. I love it but he’s not a fan so I rarely cook with it.

  3. jun says:

    just had squash over dinner. i almost eat it every other day. so addicted to it!
    your pictures made me hungry in the middle of the night!

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