summer solstice

Untitled I’m a worrier by nature, dwelling on all the things that must be taken care of and possible bad outcomes. I try to be prepared, but seemingly only in the short term, because life’s variables seem to make long term planning impossible. So many what ifs. I am also more of a list person than a goal person.

I went on an unexpected vacation (photos to come!) and for the past week, even though I’m back to real life, I’ve been feeling surprisingly care free. I found myself paying bills with a sort of glee. Life just rolls forward and I don’t have to keep track of every detail. Things will work themselves out somehow.

In part it seems that this is because summer is about to be here, yet we’ve not yet reached the fire starting temperatures that make me so irritable. Visions of camping trips, movie watching and creative projects fill my thoughts.

Maybe I’m still asleep. Normality will surely set in soon but it’s nice to record these weightless moments when everything feels good even as just a reminder for when they don’t.

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  1. […] I traveled with my mother to Annecy, France for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. In between seeing films, we spent a little bit of time on the beautiful lake Annecy. Though we never had the chance to go in the water, we did take a boat tour around the massive lake. The shoreline is dotted with ancient hotels and villas surrounded by the soaring French Alps. I would love to just hole up in a little house there and spend days by the water reading or bike riding around the entire lake. It really was the quintessential summer vacation place with its relaxed atmosphere and requisite sudden rainstorms. I’m sure the the stillness of it all has contributed to my overall feeling of calmness. […]

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