pie contest

vegan_pie 222I went to the KCRW pie contest this past weekend, even though it was quite warm out, I couldn’t resist the allure of pie. They had a vegan section and I was able to sample a few of the pies. There were a handful of savory pies like the one above, but they were mostly sweet pies. There was a lot of pie (so please excuse me if I get some of the flavors slightly off).

vegan_pie 219 This fruit pie had an awesome shortbread crust.

vegan_pie 221 Some of the vegan pies were also gluten free, like this cherry ginger pie.

vegan_pie 220 I ran into Trina who made this delicious lemon cream pie.

vegan_pie 224 Veronica made this amazing pumpkin pecan pie. I’m not even a fan of nuts and it was really good.

vegan_pie 225 Did I mention it was hot out? It was rough on the cream pies like this chocolate pudding pie with coconut cream.

vegan_pie 223vegan_pie 226 There were lattice berry pies and apple pies. I kind of just wanted to eat pie forever. I ended up making seitan pot pie for our food share inspired by all these pies.

There were lots of pretty pies that weren’t vegan that I’ll share below for the sake inspiration, because they could of course easily be made vegan. In truth I don’t know who won but it was fun to sample. Perhaps next year I’ll enter a pie myself.

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  1. Nick says:

    Did you see Moby? I heard he was supposed to be the judge.

  2. maggie says:

    So so jealous! I really wanted to go to this, but opted to go to the County Fair with friends instead. All of those pies look lovely.

  3. Shawn Bannon says:

    Freaking incredible!!! Awesome snaps!

  4. I really wanted to go! Had the pleasure of interviewing Evan Kleiman all about this for my podcast but sadly it was too hot and crowded. Maybe next year – I’d love to see what you make!

  5. veronica says:

    Aww, hooray! It was so nice to see you, Alix. Your photos turned out great! <3

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