a few more Portland bites

This is the bagel that started my recent bagel obsession. Sesame bagel with avocado, pesto, tomato, cucumber and spices made fresh at Red and Black Cafe in Portland. Perfect ingredients. Perfect breakfast. Plus a tasty latte to go along with it.

So let’s talk about macaroni and cheese. I love it. It’s been a favorite of mine forever. Isn’t it a favorite of everyone’s? As far as vegan mac and cheese, I’ve had some good ones but they’re usually nothing spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, there are some damn tasty mac & cheezes out there, but not usually something that I would order frequently. I’m a big fan of the plain old Shells and Chreese out of the box. This mac and cheese from Hungry Tiger Too was an exception to the rule. This was the perfect cheezy consistency with big soft noodles and wonderfully tasty breadcrumbs on top. The ceasar salad that came with it was pretty darn good too.

Last but certainly not least, this tasty “chicken” salad sandwich from the Bye and Bye hit the spot for a snack to go with our drinks. I’ve already mentioned how much I loved the Bye and Bye. It’s awesome to order something that is outstandingly delicious while enjoying a beverage and their lovely atmosphere.

Ok this isn’t food, but I wanted to give a little shout out to Julia, Angel and Austin who we ran into outside of Powell’s books. When I say ran into, I mean, they started shouting “Little Vegan Planet” at us. Apparently they’re readers of Shawn’s blog and they recognized us. Honestly, I thought it was awesome. Not to mention they gave us the scoop on some vegan spots in Portland that we should try and were just super nice!

You should really check out Little Vegan Planet if you haven’t already as Shawn has the scoop on everywhere we ate on our trip. And if you’ve seen it already, he’ll be posting more in the next few days. Not to mention it’s the cutest ever.

7 Responses to “a few more Portland bites”
  1. Foodeater says:

    I just recently discovered the joys of avocado pesto. I can’t believe it wasn’t done sooner… now there’s no going back.

    I love that Little Vegan Planet has a multi-state cult following!

  2. Kevin says:

    I love Shells and Chreese too!

  3. Julia says:


  4. Angel says:

    Aw! We read your blog too!
    Even though we go to all of these places sort of frequently, the pictures you guys take of them make them look even more magical, if that’s possible.
    Red and Black Cafe makes tons of insanely good bagels covered in awesome topping combinations.
    We hope you guys are having fun back home.
    It was fun meeting you. 🙂

  5. AMAZING photos! Seriously, they are just stunning. It looks like you had a great time and ate very well. I’m totally drooling over the mac and cheese.

  6. quarrygirl says:

    sooooo cool that you guys got recognized! what a trip. 🙂
    that food looks beyond awesome. want it all now. right now.

  7. Sara says:

    I found your blog looking for other people using the Autofocus+ theme, and what a delightful find it was! As a vegetarian transitioning vegan, I am excited to add both you and “Little Vegan Planet” to my RSS. Nice to meet you!

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