Halloween Treat roundup

Halloween is just around the corner and I thought we all could use a little dessert inspiration.

I’m thinking of making a fancy Halloween cake this year, just have to find the time. I really like the idea of painting on a cake or using some stencils.

Here are a few of my favorites I’ve made over the years.

ghost cookies

Cutest, easiest ghost sugar cookies. If you can frost a cookie you can make these.

zombie cake

Chocolate zombie cake. Gotta show the zombie love.

brain cupcakes

And zombies need some brains to eat.

spooky ghostcake with dandies

Dandies Marshmallow ghost cake. I love anything that’s creepy and cute at the same time.

vegan halloween cupcakes

Or you can get really crazy with pumpkins, spiderwebs, bats and more.

Personally I always want to make chic-o-stick cupcakes around Halloween, but can’t ever find them.

What are your favorite Halloween treats?

8 Responses to “Halloween Treat roundup”
  1. Jojo says:

    Awesome! I love your marshmallow ghost cake & the ghost cookies.

  2. Lacey says:

    do you have access to Dollar General stores? All of them carry chik-o-stick all year 🙂

  3. Morgan says:

    Love all the cute Halloween treats! Can I get the recipe to the ghost sugar cookies and icing by any chance??

    • miss alix says:

      I made these using the recipes from The Joy of Vegan Baking. The sugar cookie recipe from Vegan Cookies Take over your Cookie Jar is great too and easier to work with I think.

  4. Juliana says:

    Hi ! these treats that you made are awsome !
    I already buy a bunch of cookie cutters w/ halloween theme, but, like Morgan up here, I can’t have any recipe to make the icing… Can you help me?
    Thanks a lot !

    • miss alix says:

      I don’t have the recipe in front of me, but the best one I’ve used is a combination of one whipped egg replace “egg” plus powdered sugar and water. I’ll look up the proportions and report back.

  5. Radhika Sarohia says:

    These are so cute haha

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