Tim Burton Blog Party

tim burton cupcake toppers 101

Hey guys you should really check out the Tim Burton Blog Party going on over at Paper Sparrow today and tomorrow. There are tons of Tim Burton inspired posts including a download from me to makeĀ  Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy cupcake toppers (right here). Go check it out!

craft night

Oh it’s almost October and I can hardly contain myself. Every day when the sun goes down a little earlier and the air is a little crisper, a feeling of elation passes over me. I adore fall time.

I’ve already been plotting decorations, and last week a few lady friends came over for some crafting.

With Halloween on our minds, everything we created had a sort of holiday theme.

A gaggle of ghosts were born. Or unborn? Not sure with those ghosts.

It was nice to spend the evening with some lovely women and talk about anything while we worked on our little projects.

At the end of the night I had a few ghosties of my own, and a dear little spider.

I can’t wait till our next craft night…I foresee pumpkin carving!

Dining Room

The fact that our apartment actually has a dining room still amazes me. I think back to our old apartment and how cramped it was despite our best efforts, and I feel like our new home is a huge breath of fresh air. Being able to cook for other people and actually have the space to entertain is such a dream come true. I feel so lucky that we found this apartment. Anyway….

We searched and searched for a dining room table and Shawn finally found this whole set on craigslist. It was in beautiful condition and surprisingly more affordable than many of the other tables out there. It came with chairs as well, which we’re not in such good shape. I just realized that we only have 3 chairs at the table in this photo. I swear we have more! I probably should have taken the table cloth off too, but I am so glad that I finally have a tablecloth.

Obviously the highlight of room is finally being able to display our Victrola. You know you’ve found a winner for a husband when you meet a guy who collects all these fantastic vintage things. This lovely thing had been in our dreaded storage unit forever. For the record (no pun intended) it still plays and sounds beautiful. It does need a little dusting though.

That’s it for our home tour at the moment. There are still 3 rooms and one terribly long hallway to share, but that will come all in good time dear readers.

In case you missed it, we started with the bedroom.


I said I would begin sharing a little bit more of our home starting today and I decided to start with our bedroom. It’s a fairly simple room and I feel like there is room to grow in terms of decor, but I’m also very happy with it. Our kitchen for instance, will not be seen on the blog for quite some time as over the past few weeks I’ve concluded it must be painted white (it’s light yellow now) which will be quite the undertaking.

Our bedroom unintentionally ended up with a blue, white and grey theme. We picked up the bedside table and dresser (and another matching one in a different room) at a thrift store for a steal, but the blue stripes were covered with a country plaid fabric. Lucky for us, when we got them home and removed the fabric, the stripes underneath were a nearly matching light blue to a quilt we already used. It was all tied together with the blue and white bunting from our rehearsal dinner.

My favorite thing in the room is the star chart which I found after being introduced to a similar moon chart by the ever so stylish Honey Kennedy. Shawn and I were particularly pleased that the time frame captured covered both of our birthdays.

I intended to start a small collection of owl and bird art but once I started framing and hanging the pieces I had, it all seemed pretty cramped. I stuck with my three favorite pieces, two vintage book plates and a print I purchased at the last Renegade.

I let this post bleed out a little into our hallway as I think these two sections are the best. As a side note, it’s really difficult to photograph a 40 foot long hallway let alone the things in it. The painting outside our bedroom door as well as the masks are all made by Shawn and have been used in various films that he’s made. I’m glad that these are out on display in our home rather than hidden away in a closet as they once were.

The pink bike was the first road bike I bought for myself, an adorable, very little Schwinn prelude. At some point I converted it to fixed gear making it light and fun to ride around the neighborhood (although she hasn’t been out in awhile to be honest).

I hope to have a few more pieces of our home to share this week, not to mention some of the delicious things I concocted for the dinner party I held this past weekend. If there is anything you would like to know more about in these apartment posts, please do let me know (although I more than likely cover too much detail for the average person).

Apartment Therapy

In the past week we’ve done a bit of rearranging in our apartment. I’m rather pleased about it. It helps make our place feel more spacious and practical.

You may remember sort of what our dining / kitchen area looked like before. We had added the cabinet as an extra prep area but it was often cluttered, and always played home to my mixer.

It’s now found a new spot right under the window. I’m especially excited about actually getting to use some natural light in some of my photos (hopefully at some point, as if I’m ever able to take photos any other time than late at night).

bunny & teacups

The space is much more open and I love that it features our china cabinet. We have lovely heirloom china from Shawn’s mom and I can’t wait to display it even more prominently. It’s so beautiful.

teacups & creamer

Not to mention our china cabinet itself is pretty awesome. We actually found it on the street and salvaged it. With some cleaning and paint, it was exactly what we wanted.

apartment rearrangement

We’ve also moved our kitchen table to a more central position in our living room. This is great because it allows for more seating, whereas before it was against the wall and could only seat 3. We added a big bench on one side which definitely draws guests into sitting at the table.

Since the table doubles as a work space for me, the move is also great since I can now be in the living room when I’m crafting or sewing. No longer shall I be cast out when working on projects. Equally awesome is that I can now watch movies while I work. Sweet!

apartment rearrangement

We got some new mounts for a couple of our bikes. I love how they look and they take up much less space on the wall than the way they were hung before.

We have a bed in our living room, even though we have a bedroom with a bed as well. It’s a little odd, but it always comes in handy for our sleepover movie parties or when visitors are staying with us (which happens fairly often). Now it is sectioned off a bit more by the couch so it doesn’t feel like you’re in a bedroom when you’re just hanging out.

The leopard couch will probably be going in storage for a little bit, but the cats are awfully fond of it (as am I) so we’ll see.

I’m so happy with how everything feels, just by making some simple changes. Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of our apartment. I realized while writing this that there aren’t many photos of it online.