October is our season of horror movie watching. We try to pack in as many films into the month as possible. If you’ve been reading Cute and Delicious for awhile, you hopefully know about some of our past movie marathons. This year will be our fourth annual and we’re already planning what films to show. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This weekend, we got the month off to a great start by attending the 4th annual Horrorthon at the New Beverly. Six movies, plus a handful of curated trailers, all in one night. The theater was packed but we managed to score some great seats in the center front. Our friend and fellow movie enthusiast, Jennifer, joined us for the evening.

So what did we watch?

Beyond the Door
Creature from the Black Lagoon (in original 3D)
Hell Night
Brain Damage
The Pit and the Pendulum
Horror Planet (aka Inseminoid)

Almost all the films were new to us (except Creature from the Black Lagoon). Beyond the Door was my favorite of the evening by far as it was totally a mash up of The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby, but a strange nonsensical version. It was cool to see films I hadn’t even heard of and even better to see them with an excited audience.

By the way I am always looking for horror film recommendations to expand our collection. What are your favorites?

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  1. Kevin says:

    Have you seen “The House of the Devil”? It was one of the better horror films I had seen recently that I hadn’t heard of before. Kelly picked it and we both really liked it. It’s a great throwback to 80’s horror films. Really well done. Oh! And we watched The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Great suggestion!

    • miss alix says:

      I have seen House of the Devil, in fact I was talking about it last night. It’s not my favorite but I can see why a lot of people like it. Loved Disappearance of Alice Creed. Glad you guys liked it too!

  2. Kat says:

    That sounds like so much fun! I haven’t really seen many horror movies, but I’ll be sure to check out Beyond the Door!

  3. jennifer says:

    yayayayay! thanks again for an awesome movie weekend! october rules! <3

  4. Sharon says:

    I recently watched Red White & Blue (with Noah Taylor), which is categorized as horror, but it’s more than that if you ask me. Highly recommended!

    An oldy but goodie I recently enjoyed was The People Under the Stairs (Wes Craven).

    • miss alix says:

      oh will have to check both these out. what is red white & blue about?
      i don’t think i’ve ever seen people under the stairs actually…

    • Sharon says:

      The less you know about Red, White & Blue the better, but I’ll say that for me it lured me into thinking it was just a slice of life story about two down & out losers, but it turns into so much more. While there is some gore, I’d qualify it more as a movie about psychological terror rather than a typical horror story line (it doesn’t ever really get scary in the typical sense). It’s mostly about the horrible ways people live their lives and the awful things they are willing to do to one another.

  5. Denise says:

    We just recently watched Trollhunter on Netflix. Pretty rad CGI. Kinda funny, kinda goofy. There’s also a remake of Let The Right One In that’s pretty cool. It’s called Let Me In. Vampire girlfriend silliness, but cool as well.

    • miss alix says:

      we just watched troll hunter as well. totally agree that the cgi was cool, kind of wish the trolls were real. definitely a fun watch.

      i like both let the right one in and let me in. i was worried let me in wouldn’t hold up, but it just has a totally different vibe. i like them both!

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