labor day

labor_day 226labor_day 225labor_day 227This labor day seemed particularly long. Saturday feels like forever ago. We started out with hike in the San Gabriel valley. Since it was so hot, we chose a trail that we knew was shady, but it ended up being quite a bit warmer and more strenuous than we intended. It was still really nice to get outdoors though.

labor_day 220labor_day 224birthday_cake labor_day 219labor_day 228We celebrated my mother’s birthday with some friends. Isabelle made a lovely cake, and when it was remarked that she was becoming a regular Martha Stewart she replied: “Who’s that?” I still don’t feel remotely old but it is slightly strange to see kids I used to babysit grow into adults. Time is curious.

I made some baked spinach artichoke dip for the occasion. I tried something different from the last spinach artichoke dip but I think I like the original recipe better. I’m still tinkering.

I tried this new vegan ice cream that my mom picked up. It was quite good, but more than that, the cold brewed coffee was serious stuff. I probably wouldn’t be writing this post right now if it weren’t for that ice cream.

labor_day 221labor_day 222labor_day 223 We played games including a short but lively game of baseball, where one of the dogs would steal the ball if you hit it too far. Does this make it sound like I played? I did not. Though I did enjoy playing a game of Minotaur. I’m more of a board game kind of girl.

Other things:

  • Meeme and Mochi turned 5! Those little rascals. I love those cats so much it’s ridiculous.
  • We saw Blue Jasmine which I really loved. I’m usually not particularly fond of films about ultra rich people, but Cate Blanchett is truly fantastic. I really thought that everyone was great actually. Even though it’s a tale of distress, it’s still fun to watch. I like many Woody Allen films, but I am not an uber fan as I find many people are. Yet, I think that the “Allenness” of this film makes it work. It was entertaining and surprising. Shawn pointed out it’s has some similarities to A Woman Under the Influence, one of my favorite films.
  • I guess this weekend means that the end of summer is nigh, but it’s been terribly hot. I can’t wait for the cool fall air to make an appearance.

Did you do anything fun or relaxing this weekend?

5 Responses to “labor day”
  1. maggie says:

    I feel like summer is somehow just starting for LA – it is HOT! But I am with you – can’t wait for it to cool down. Seems like you had a lovely weekend!

    • miss alix says:

      It is SO HOT. I was so happy that we had a cooler summer but I guess September is making up for it.

  2. Aw, sounds like you had a great holiday! I still have yet to see Blue Jasmine, but it is definitely high on my list. This weekend was freakin’ crazy for me and for my poor husband. One of my best friends was getting married and it was a three day affair. Since I was in the wedding that meant a lot of planning, baking, decorating, etc, etc. It was all well worth it but my word, I’m glad it’s over!

    • miss alix says:

      Weddings can be really crazy, especially when you’re in them. I’m sure it was really special still though.
      Definitely recommend seeing Blue Jasmine.

  3. rox says:

    can I just have a bath tub sized batch of your spinach dip?!

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