October is our season of horror movie watching. We try to pack in as many films into the month as possible. If you’ve been reading Cute and Delicious for awhile, you hopefully know about some of our past movie marathons. This year will be our fourth annual and we’re already planning what films to show. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This weekend, we got the month off to a great start by attending the 4th annual Horrorthon at the New Beverly. Six movies, plus a handful of curated trailers, all in one night. The theater was packed but we managed to score some great seats in the center front. Our friend and fellow movie enthusiast, Jennifer, joined us for the evening.

So what did we watch?

Beyond the Door
Creature from the Black Lagoon (in original 3D)
Hell Night
Brain Damage
The Pit and the Pendulum
Horror Planet (aka Inseminoid)

Almost all the films were new to us (except Creature from the Black Lagoon). Beyond the Door was my favorite of the evening by far as it was totally a mash up of The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby, but a strange nonsensical version. It was cool to see films I hadn’t even heard of and even better to see them with an excited audience.

By the way I am always looking for horror film recommendations to expand our collection. What are your favorites?

la femme film festival

I’m very happy to share that Brainwashed Love was selected to be part of the La Femme Film Festival here in Los Angeles. I’m excited that we’ll be part of a festival that supports women filmmakers, but more importantly, I’m excited that we’ll get to have a screening next month and you’re invited.

If you missed our friends and family screening, you have another chance to see the film that we put our hearts and souls into. For those of you not in Los Angeles, we’re working on releasing Brainwashed Love on DVD / Blu-ray or on demand somehow. I will let you know when that happens, and it will happen. I have to say, that I am truly proud of this film and I will do whatever it takes to get it out there for people to see in some form or another.

Come see an honest, independent film about falling in love and what happens when things go unexpectedly wrong.

Friday October 14th, 2011
Renberg Theater
1125 N. McCadden Place
Hollywood, CA 90038

You can buy tickets here (be sure to write “Brainwashed Love” in the box, so they know what film you want to see).

Hope to see you there!

Breakfast Feast

sweet crepe

A quick announcement that Kim and I will be hosting another A Moveable Feast on Saturday September 17th. I’m particularly excited that the theme this time around will be French inspired breakfast for dinner. So many of my favorite dishes are breakfast treats.

If you’re interested in reserving a seat (and there are only a few left) email veganfeast@gmail.com

secret supper

a moveable feast

This past Sunday Kim and I held our third A Moveable Feast secret supper. This time, we had amazingly gracious hosts who shared their home with us. We had a Spanish feast and dined al fresco. It was a lovely evening. Here is just a peek at a few pieces of our menu.

a moveable feast

We started with some sangria.

a moveable feast

There was an ajoblanco soup; a subtly seasoned almond soup garnished with grapes and olive oil. I thought it looked like modern art.

a moveable feast

We served a variety of tapas including cashew rosemary stuffed dates.

a moveable feast

These patatas bravas had the most wonderfully addictive sauce.

a moveable feast

These artichoke rice cakes were a big hit.

a moveable feast

The main course was an artichoke paella with homemade seitan.

a moveable feast

Then of course, my favorite, for dessert we had flan.

It was such a rewarding night as all our guests loved the food and thoroughly enjoyed each others company. It is such a pleasure making such extravagant meals for people who truly appreciate them. There’s no denying it is a lot of hard work to put everything together but it is so worth the feeling when we’ve finished and are finally allowed to take in all we’ve accomplished.

If you’re interested in coming to one of our dinners (or hosting), you can email Kim and I at veganfeast@gmail.com or follow us on twitter at MoveableFeastLA.

Plant Based Parties

plant based parties

This Saturday, Shawn and I attended a launch party for Plant Based Parties, a vegan catering company here in Los Angeles. We knew it would be awesome, because Jennie Cook, the chef behind the event made an amazing feast for our wedding.

plant based parties

We were delighted to find a fantastic tasting menu with a variety of things to sample. I started with a little plate, trying to pace myself.

First up was a beet burger slider, zucchini walnut fritter with avocado crema and a polenta bite. So good. I am officially obsessed with beet burgers, but these had the perfect balance of beety goodness and moist, seasoned filling all wrapped up in an adorable slider package. The zucchini fritter was crunchy and paired perfectly with avocado crema. The polenta bite? Perfect. Plain and simple.

plant based parties

We filled our plates time and time again, as every dish was delightful. Here are a few more samples: Old school ratatouille, onion baghi, asparagus tart and quinoa cake. Each was carefully prepared with a superb balance of flavors and textures. I was a big fan of the quinoa cakes as they were simple but deeply satisfying. I could see myself eating them every day.

plant based parties

We also had zucchini cannelloni, double stuffed potatoes, black bean tempeh piccata and the onion baghi again. The tempeh piccata was definitely a favorite, as it was crispy and just slightly spicy. I loved the fresh taste to the zucchini cannelloni as well. Oh and did you notice that pizza up top? Did I mention there was a giant dragon pizza oven. Delicious thin crusted pesto pizzas baked while we ate. (more…)