It is the first day of spring. The sunshine has cast out the gloom and new things are on the horizon. It is time for dusting off the cobwebs in dark corners and turning to face new and growing life. It’s time for flowers.

I am notoriously good at killing plants. I’ve even managed to murder my cacti and succulents which you basically never need to water. I love these hanging fabric planters though. A girl can dream right? Maybe one day when we have a yard I’ll have some plants that grow.

What are you looking forward to this spring?

seasons of life

March is here. Spring is creeping in. In this mixed-up, seasonless city, that doesn’t mean too much, except more sunlight in the evening, which surprisingly makes a huge difference. More importantly, it signals the progression of the year and the cycles of life. Things are surely changing around here. February, while peaked with some wonderful things, was a trying month, so I’m greeting March with open arms and high hopes.

We spent the weekend starting a massive spring cleaning. We moved in to our apartment nearly a year ago now but there are many cabinets, closets and boxes filled with things that have gone unsorted for much longer. It felt so good to reorganize and get rid of unwanted things. Not to mention the joy of finding so many strange treasures in the process. Sometimes, cleaning our home is like going to mystery estate sale for me, as Shawn has so many collections of trinkets, memorabilia and vintage medical equipment hidden away. I’m working on finding ways to display more of it, rather than having it packed in boxes.

This weekend was just the beginning of home projects that I’ve been thinking about for months. From simple things to putting up some new shelves to more complicated and time intensive projects like repainting our kitchen and all its cabinets. I’m going to have to do some serious research on stripping paint and restoring wood. Any tips are greatly welcomed. There are years of paint on everything in our place, but the last coat was done with a cheap white which has left all the previously glossy surfaces peeling. So much work, but I’m looking forward to it.

So here’s to March. Has spring rolled around your neck of the woods? Do you feel the impending changes and light it brings?


I have to admit that I still have our holiday decorations up on our mantel. Since it’s more winter themed than holiday specific, it’s not so bad, but it has been 80 degrees and sunny so it’s time to start figuring out what’s next. Previously we had our mantel decorated with these terrariums, but I think I’d like to put a little more thought into it.

How pretty are these mantels? Up top is at Shawn’s sister Missy‘s house. I love the natural and rustic style. I’m particularly fond of how the rocks and fossils are displayed (as we have quite a few ourselves). My favorite part is the little modern owl.

I also am a big fan of this mantel from Shawn’s aunt & uncles house. Mainly I just love the artwork; it is really showcased but everything also to flows together. I think my previous mantel decor has been seriously lacking in the height department. Not to mention I would love to have some sort of garland, of course on a smaller everyday scale. Oh and again with the adorable modern animals. Those deer are just stunning.

Now to figure out how to combine the two…


December is here and the spirit of winter has settled into my mind. As the end of the year approaches it brings with it reflections on life. I turned 28 a few weeks ago and while it doesn’t really mean a whole lot, it does mean the end of twenty seven, the year I got married, which is kind of a thing. Time just passes by and brings new things and experiences and as always I’m looking forward to what the future will hold, while still being gratified with my present. These days are filled with contentment.

With the holidays just around the corner I’ve got gifts on the mind and it keeps occurring to me that I want to give so much to people that I feel lucky to know, whether in real life or through twitter or blogs or whatever. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. It’s never easy to pick the perfect gift but this year I really want to show friends and family how much I care for them. I hope I can make that happen.

This past weekend was filled with celebrations for friends and in some small personal way it was momentous for me. These days I often find myself plagued with anxieties to a degree that makes some simple things uncomfortable. Riding in someone else’s car for instance causes my heart to palpitate. My awareness of these minor phobias and easy rationalization can often get me through it, to calm myself, but they don’t go away altogether. The next ride I’ll have to face the same fears.

While some of these fears have been around forever and have just become more dramatic over the years, others seemed to never exist until now. Like singing. Did you know I used to perform, in bands, in musicals, in plays? As youth faded, my ability to get up in front of others in any capacity diminished until it turned into an almost paralyzing fear. I’ve often asked myself why my inhibitions have grown so strong over the years and I have no answers. This weekend I went to a karaoke birthday and in my mind there was no way I was going to participate. At the same time I knew that was ridiculous. After much debate, I just did it. I sang a crazy pop song in front of a group of mostly strangers. It was terrifying, and yet it happened. Even though my hands were shaking, a bunch of people got up and danced and sang along and it was okay.

Also this weekend, a friend of mine had a put on a puppet show for his 40th birthday. It was so cool. I just felt so fortunate to be there to see his performance for his nearest and dearest. I feel genuinely lucky to have creative and talented friends who follow their dreams. Growing up in the sprawling city that is Los Angeles, I’ve often felt disconnected from people. Here people seem to waft into your life and exit in the same manner. In the past few years though I have really grown to appreciate the people around me, for the first time feeling like I have a place and it is here whether I like it or not.

Halloween Tidbits

October has almost come to a close and we’re having a very relaxed final weekend. It’s nice to celebrate without feeling pressure to indulge in too many festivities. In fact, I haven’t even truly made a costume this year.

I did realize I never shared all of our decorations, like our veiled lady, which I think we’ll keep up for the rest of the year as well. Or our floating pumpkins.

We spent Friday evening watching more horror movies while I made a black velvet cape for Shawn.

I’ve had the same black cape for the past 14 years and it’s served me well (I even wore it to our wedding), now Shawn has one of his own that will surely last longer as my sewing skills have improved in those years. There is something wonderful and comforting about being able to shroud yourself in a cloak. I hope to make more, different capes to wear on a more regular basis.


We wore our matching capes to the Hallovegan event at Verdugo bar this year. I was pleased that they played The Shining all evening. Not to mention the delicious vegan food they had.

Looking forward to going to check out one of the most beautifully decorated neighborhoods in Los Angeles tomorrow. It’s so exciting to see all the kids trick or treating. Can’t wait to dress up some kidlets of our own.