Dinosaur in the museum

Dinosaur in an elevator from miss alix on Vimeo.

So we were visiting the Natural History Museum one night and this dinosaur just got loose. It was crazy. Luckily someone took him back to the dino lab.

I think he’s pretty cute.

natural history museum dino hall

the wedding: part 2

This is the end of the wedding posts, with more photos than ever. While I’ve kept quiet for what I’ve shared before, I have a bit to say this time around. Mostly though, there are tons and tons of photos.

When we first started planning our wedding, looking for locations, choosing vendors, we found ourselves coming up against all these restrictions. In particular with venues, there were a lot of rules: from which caterer you could use, to how loud you could play music. One would think at a public institution such as The Natural History Museum, which really only does weddings on the side, there would be a great deal of restrictions, especially considering the historical artifacts they have throughout. Instead, they were the most open of any place we contacted. We were allowed to roam the museum, nearly all night. This completely shaped our wedding, as we were surrounded by history and our guests were transported out of Los Angeles into another world.

We encouraged our guests to wear vintage attire and many not only obliged, but were enthusiastic. We didn’t specify a particular time period which gave us a range of styles. It was so great to see what everyone came up with. It was as if all the ages of guests to the museum from times passed we converging again.

The one aspect of the wedding that we did not plan at all were the decorations and flowers. The whole time we imagined that the museum would be such a stunning backdrop that the details like centerpieces could be simple and still work. So we didn’t put too much thought into it. Or should I say, any thought.

About a month before the wedding, when we realized that we would actually have to come up with something, we turned to our friend Suki. We knew her from the events she had put together for The Cinefamily and as she had recently started her own event company, we thought she would be a perfect match to not only make our wedding run smoothly, but also to design a good deal of the decor.

Suki and her co-conspirator, Patsy, were able to take the minimal direction we gave them (moss & glass jars) and come up with stunning designs and arrangement. They were even able to incorporate the various pieces we had come up with along the way.

Instead of a typical guestbook, I wanted to make a quilt out of the fabric signed by our guests. I found a selection of bird themed fabrics and the ladies from the happening were able to reflect this by incorporating little nests into the decor.

Being that we live in Los Angeles, one of the most vegan friendly cities in the country, one would think finding a vegan caterer would be easy. For a number of reasons, it became the most complicated part of our planning. Luckily we found Jennie Cook, who was amazingly helpful all around and made amazing food for us. These beanie pops were delightful.

We were really happy to be able to include so many children at our wedding as we imagined they would be able to explore the museum with their families…and just look adorable.

Do you remember those stuffed animals I made? They were much loved by our guests, which made me endlessly happy.

The reception was held in the recently restored rotunda, a beautiful room from the original museum, made almost entirely of marble. (You should definitely click on that photo to see it in all of it’s glory.)

Oh and it is a tragedy that I don’t have more photos of food. We had the most amazing tomato soup. So good that it may have been a figment of my imagination. There were vegan sliders, fantastic cashew cream potatoes and a special fig and rice celebration roast from Field Roast. I ate all of these things. We took leftovers home. It was wonderful.

Kyle gave an epic speech from the mezzanine of the rotunda.

There were touching speeches and long speeches made by our dear friends.

…epically long speeches.

All those cakes I slaved over were devoured.

There was dancing.

It was glorious.

And things got a little crazy, but that’s for another day.

All photos by Photo Pink
except the final photo by Shawn Bannon

So, in case you missed it, here is the wedding roundup:

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and the main event…part one: the ceremony

the wedding: part 1

So this is it. Here is our wedding. Smashed down into two blog posts (that means there is only one more).

Photos by Liesl of Photo Pink
(except no. 10, by Shawn Bannon)


makeup by Jennifer Luna

hair by Tina Lasker

dress made by Rebecca Dominguez

suit jacket by Denver Bespoke

officiant Elysia Skye

location Natural History Museum of Los Angeles


next…details, food, decor and dancing…

and in case you missed it…getting ready for the wedding

wedding sneak peek

I just couldn’t contain myself and had to share this photo from our wedding.

It’s up on the Photo Pink Blog. Go look. Seriously.

I am dying to see the rest.

In other news, we spent the weekend painting our dining room & living room and ironing curtains and making our new place extra awesome.

Did you go look at the photo yet?

married life

We did it. After all those months of planning and sewing and stressing and baking, we’re married.

The whole weekend has been a whirlwind of events and family and friends. I can’t believe how lovely everything was. Someone asked me if it was everything I imagined it would be, and the truth is that I could not have imagined how amazingly everything came together.


So I’m not going to share any photos for a little while, although we already have a handful from family. You’ll just have to wait patiently with me for our shots from our photographer.

I did want to finally reveal at least where we got married…in case you hadn’t guessed already. We had our whole wedding at the Natural History Museum. In fact, we got married right in front of those elephants. It was so amazing.

We leave on our honeymoon tonight (and I still have to pack!), but I have some really cool guest posts lined up for you dear readers.

Thanks everyone for tagging along on this journey, we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled non-weddingness soon.


Mrs. Bannon