Tim Burton Blog Party

tim burton cupcake toppers 101

Hey guys you should really check out the Tim Burton Blog Party going on over at Paper Sparrow today and tomorrow. There are tons of Tim Burton inspired posts including a download from me to make  Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy cupcake toppers (right here). Go check it out!

halloween costumes

It’s the last day of September which means I am declaring it officially time to start talking about Halloween. I’ve even changed my header in honor or my favorite holiday.

First order of business is costumes. I always try to plan ahead so I can make my costume but then can’t decide until the last minute where I scramble to make something overly complicated and end up making myself crazy. Yet again, I’m stumped this year.

Looking back at the last few years, I’m really happy with my costumes, in fact, they’ve been some of my favorite.

at the farm

Last year I was a prairie girl. The coolest thing about this costume was that it was super comfortable and totally re-wearable. I knew I wouldn’t have time to make a costume so I bought a lovely vintage dress on etsy.


In 2009 I had big ambitions that I would make an intricate Marie Antoinette dress, including a corset. I never finished it. It managed to get it to a wearable state but never made the hoop skirt that went along with it. This project nearly broke me. Despite not totally finishing it, I was still really happy to have a fancy and yet really creepy costume.

In 2008 I was a bat. I have wanted to be a bat for many years as I have wings already built in. This costume was a simple, black, shiny dress with an open back. It was easy to make just by draping. I added gloves, thigh highs and mask to finish it off.

Possibly my favorite costume of all time was this dear costume I made in 2007. Knowing in advance that I needed something I could wear on a bike ride, I made a super comfortable cotton jersey dress, spray painted the belly white and added ears and a tail. I also made the cape Shawn wore with his pumpkin head costume. It was one of the best Halloweens ever.

So what’s next? I’d like to go with something traditional and scary. Maybe something with horns? I much prefer things that are creepy than cute or sweet. I also love getting the chance to wear makeup and masks.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Do you make your costume or buy it? Let’s brainstorm ideas together!

craft night

Oh it’s almost October and I can hardly contain myself. Every day when the sun goes down a little earlier and the air is a little crisper, a feeling of elation passes over me. I adore fall time.

I’ve already been plotting decorations, and last week a few lady friends came over for some crafting.

With Halloween on our minds, everything we created had a sort of holiday theme.

A gaggle of ghosts were born. Or unborn? Not sure with those ghosts.

It was nice to spend the evening with some lovely women and talk about anything while we worked on our little projects.

At the end of the night I had a few ghosties of my own, and a dear little spider.

I can’t wait till our next craft night…I foresee pumpkin carving!

Renegade Craft Los Angeles

renegade craft fair los angeles

This past Saturday we went to the Renegade Craft Fair for the first time. I’ve only ever heard good things about this fair and was not at all disappointed. It was held in Los Angeles State Historic Park, and despite being rather warm out, it was nice to spend a summer day outside enjoying such great craft work.¬† It was so inspiring to see all the creative things people are making. Here is just a small fraction of the stuff we saw.

I loved these clocks from Black Forest Clockwork.

renegade craft fair los angeles

These ceramic bowls and jars from Paulova Ceramics were just beautiful. I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted though.

renegade craft fair los angeles

There were lots of lovely terrariums. These hanging ones were from Planted, but there were also some gorgeous ones from Terri Planty with fun little figures in them.

renegade craft fair los angeles

These cross stitches from Kattuna were just too cute.

renegade craft fair los angeles

We saw this screaming bunny when we came in, and later saw a girl walking around with it. Glad he found a home, since he looks pretty grumpy.

renegade craft fair los angeles

If you are ever thinking of getting me a plant, may I recommend one of these? I kill plants like it’s going out of style. These are handmade by Shannon Gerard.

renegade craft fair los angeles

Unicorn coat hook? Amazing. Made by Architecture Jones. They also had some lovely prints and knobs.

renegade craft fair los angeles

I have always admired these paintings by Mincing Mockingbird. I bough an owl print to add to the owl art wall I’m working on.

renegade craft fair los angeles

I also bought an adorable necklace from Made by L’Moore, here modelling one of her creations.

renegade craft fair los angeles

So I possibly spent more than I should have overall but it feels good to support handmade artists (and get original stuff). I’m so glad to be living in a time where there is a resurgence of handmade things and people really value crafted goods. I’m thankful for places that promote crafting with lessons and community as well as these fairs that let so many people make a living from their work.

renegade craft fair los angeles

Afterward we stopped for some beers downtown. Shawn had a full liter of beer. Oh boy.

renegade craft fair los angeles

Me? I had a ginger beer.


Perfect way to spend a Saturday.

rock n roll bride

Hey folks, just wanted to pop in and share my excitement that our wedding is featured on Rock N Roll Bride today!