the chair

This story starts with a chair, a chair my grandfather made for me. I’ve had it since I was a kid and I love it not only for sentimental reasons, but also because it’s so comfortable with it’s giant arms.

Originally it was pink, a dusty pink, girlish fabric I didn’t choose. As a teenager I made the unfortunate request for him to reupholster it with leopard fabric and it’s been that way ever since. Partially because of this fabric choice and partially because of it’s size the chair has been banished from our apartment for most of the time we’ve lived here. A few months ago, I reclaimed it from my mother who had been keeping it for me.

I was determined to make the chair fit in our space and as soon as it was home, I started pulling and peeling away fabric, surprised that the pink was still hidden underneath. I was ecstatic, hoping I could just return it to it’s former glory by removing the leopard. The pink was actually quite nice, though faded it had a circular pattern I quite liked.

I cut and I tore and removed as much leopard as I could, only to discover that only about half of the pink fabric remained. So I was stuck. Then the chair just sat like this for months. Occasionally covered with other fabrics to disguise it’s Frankenstein appearance. I was too intimidated to reupholster it and all the slipcovers we found were atrocious.

But finally, nearly six months later, I bit the bullet and made my own slipcover. I had some “help” from little Weetzie. I made a pattern from sheets, pinned and basted all my pieces together and sewed the whole thing up.

It’s almost like a whole new chair! I’ll admit it’s still a little frumpy, but it’s a vast improvement from being covered with a sheet or in it’s torn up state. When I finally chose a fabric, there wasn’t enough yardage to make a cushion so that was sort of a drag. At least now it looks complete and blends in with our apartment. Mostly I’m just happy I tackled and finished a project that has been on my to do list for months and months. Now if only I would repaint our mantle…

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little sweater

The first sweater I’ve ever knit is a tiny one. I told you I was really into these little projects. This sweater is one of the most fun I’ve made. The pattern was very simple and I loved the super soft pima cotton yarn. Plus it’s grey, my favorite. Another gift for a friend’s baby on the way. I could get used to making these. Since the pattern is only available from an archive, I’ve included it here.

Rachelle suggested that if I start knitting a blanket now it would be finished in the cooler months. I might just do that. I’m also thinking if I start quilting now, I could have holiday gifts made in time. Quilts for all!


One of the major points of contention in our home decor adventures has been the dining room table. When we found our dining set on craigslist, we learned that the table had been carefully protected through the years by the grandmother who owned it. The table top is in near pristine condition, shiny and smooth, without a single scratch on its surface. Ever since, I’ve felt some sort of obligation to keep it in this perfect state, which means keeping the custom table pads on top and covering it with a tablecloth.

The only problem is that I’m not particularly a fan of tablecloths, even though they can be quite pretty. Partially it’s that they aren’t so easy to keep clean, but mostly, I hate that they drape so low over the sides of the table. Not only does it hide a lot of the detail of the table, but the cats, who often sit in the dining chairs end up pulling it this way and that. For the past year we’ve had an oilcloth on top, which I’ve been fairly happy with, but Shawn did not like at all.

This weekend we finally found some fabric at my favorite fabric shop that we both agreed would make a great tablecloth and a few hours later we had a cute custom piece. It’s the perfect length, very short, and matches the room while still being cute and fun. I’m very pleased with it and also excited to make tablecloths for various holidays and occasions (I already have one for Halloween in the works). Maybe one day I’ll get over my need to protect the table and just let it be, but for now, I’m quite happy just making a plethora of tablecloths.

baby knits

Knitting is an activity usually reserved for the cooler months when you’re in need of both something to do on a rainy day and new scarf. Yet, I’ve been enjoying knitting up a few projects during this heat wave when it’s too hot to go outdoors. This little baby hat is for my cousin’s baby boy on the way. I used one of my favorite bulky cotton yarns, that I’ve made other hats and headpieces with in the past.

In doing research to find a pattern, I fell down a deep vortex of adorable baby knits and basically want to make everything. They’re all so cute and little, and being so small, fairly quick to finish. If you use Ravelry, you can find the pattern for this hat here. The hat came out a little bit bigger than I expected, but I also didn’t bother to check my gauge so that’s really more my fault than anything.

Now I just need more babies to make cute stuff for. In the mean time maybe I’ll make something for my cats. Do you have any favorite patterns for kids stuff?

little quilt

This little quilt may be the nerdiest quilt I make. It is officially my movie theater quilt. I am always getting cold in theaters, particularly older ones with massive, unregulated air conditioners. This little quilt is just big enough to cover my legs and fight off chill but not so big that I seem like a crazy lady bringing a blanket into a theater with me. It’s cute and colorful and folds up really small so I can fit it in my bag. Perfect!

And Mochi likes it too.

little quilt