laurel beginnings

colette_laurel_ 221 colette_laurel_ 220 colette_laurel_ 219 After much dressmaking debate, I settled on making the Laurel from Colette patterns. It was my first time printing a pdf pattern at home actually. The good thing about it is I’ve already got a fairly sturdy pattern for the next time I’d like to make the dress (which will probably be soon) and of course, I was able to get it immediately, without a trip to the store. It did take awhile to cut and paste together but it wasn’t too bad overall.

The dress is by far the simplest thing I’ve made in awhile. I’ve got the basic construction done, and am in the process of adding a few alterations and embellishments.

In other news, after a new set of paint samples we’ve finally decided on a color for the living room. I can’t wait to get painting. Unfortunately, some other repairs are going on in our apartment building so it will probably have to wait a few more weeks. It’s really for the best, since I have several projects going at once already. It will be nice when I’m finishing some of them instead of just starting.


A rare moment of Mochi not minding Weetzie.


anna_allan_dresses I tend to get obsessed with multiple projects at once. Right now I’m balancing painting and writing and brainstorming dresses to sew. I often fantasize about only wearing prairie dresses, even though I realize everyone would look at me funny if I did. I am in love with these dresses from Anna Allen. I’m very pleased that she says she’ll be offering sewing patterns in the future because I’d love to make my own.

laurelI’m also thinking about entering the Laurel Sewing Contest from Colette Patterns. The prizes are crazy good. I tend to wear dresses that are a little more fitted, but I have some fabric I’ve been meaning to turn into a dress since last summer. It would be best for me to just just make some adjustments and make a dress rather than keep the fabric as nothing forever. Plus it’s a very simple dress, just the right thing to get me back in the sewing habit.

Do you have any dresses you love? Share your favorites.

photos from Anna Allen and Colette Patterns

Yule Decorations

Our holiday decorations are simple this year, reusing a few items I had collected last year and revamping our terrariums for winter. They took about 10 minutes to make with a few supplies from the craft store and some vintage deer.

No tree again this year, though we debated for days on a pink or silver or some other fantastical one. Maybe next year. I’m quite happy with our little garland in its place. Nearly all the ornaments were gifts last year. Possibly my favorite is the handmade green glass witch’s globe.

We also have some flickering candles in the window. I love seeing these on the East Coast but they don’t show up often in California. If only I could find our twinkle lights we would be set.

cat treats

It’s the time of year when everyone is making wish lists and gift guides and I swear it’s catching. When I think about such things though, my mind immediately goes to fancy things I’d like to get for my cats. Which possibly means I’m a crazy person. In any case, I thought I’d share some of my favorite, sometimes extravagant, cat presents I’ve been fawning over.

1. I know Meeme would go nuts over this crocheted jellyfish cat toy.

2. This mid-century styled cat furniture looks nice enough to double as regular furniture.

3. I’m really into this cat teepee but would probably make my own version.

4. This is the nicest looking cat tree ever. I’m not sure who came up with the idea to cover cat trees in the ugliest carpet but we collectively need to put a stop to it. Let’s start here.

5. And perhaps something to show off your cat love like this crazy cat sweater.

holiday cards

With the cool weather finally here in Los Angeles, I’m finally getting in the celebratory mood. While I’m not quite ready for holiday shopping and crafting, I’ve already begun my search for holiday cards to make sure I get them in time to send to friends and family. Perhaps I learned this the hard way last year when our cards did not quite make it out in time.

So forgive me if this this much too early in your holiday timeline but here are a few cards I’m liking a lot.

1. Snowflake Specimens
2. Evergreen
3. Happy Holidays
4. Birch Season’s Greetings
5. Holly Wreath Goose